Gary Lineker

Lineker has earned: a lot since his "Happy BBC Salary Day" Tweet

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  • It would take Clare Balding 115 days to equal Gary’s Pay Now

    Took him less than 13. Lucky for some.

  • Lineker has now earned over £60,000!

    He could now pay the wage of three new police officers for a year. The starting salary for a Police Officer in England & Wales is £19,383.

  • Lineker could buy all teams in 32 leagues proper football goals giving something back to non-league football

    That's around 640 teams.

  • Lineker can now buy every professional footballer in the England a bottle of Ambre Solaire no streaks fake tan from Boots

    That's roughly 4500 players, now equipped to look like their favourite celebrity Golden Boot winner.

  • Linker could now afford to buy every person in King Power Stadium a 99 Ice-cream on match day

    With a capacity of 32,312 - that's a lot of ice cream! (99's are £1.50 now btw... FML!)

    Ice Cream

  • Having now earned £45,570 – Lineker has now cost 310 UK tax payers their annual license fee

    The Annual TV License is £147.

  • Lineker can travel the underground for 20 years straight at a cost of £43,608

    That's 20 years worth of London travel for zones 1-4 using a monthly travel card, currently costs £181.70.

  • Lineker can now buy 4 Kia Picanto Cars each valued at £9450 for a game of bumper cars

    One for every one of his O-levels.

  • Lineker could now provide life saving food for 1,200 families displaced by fighting in Syria

    Feeding 1200 families for a month in Syria costs £36,000 - Donate.

    Just over one weeks wages for Lineker.

  • Lineker has now earned £30,001 – more than this street in Leighton Buzzard won on the Post Code Lottery last week

    He's not even been on the telly.

  • Lineker can now buy this two bedroom flat in Leicester for cash

    Leicester's Favourite Son Returns... with 5 and half days wages = £27,500.

  • Lineker has now earned the same as Kem won in Love Island

    Took Kem 7 weeks of "grafting" in the Love Island villa. Took Lineker 5 days! #Muggy!!

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  • Lineker has now earned just over 25 grand – the same as Donald Trump earns in a month

    Out 'ballin' most powerful man in the world with just under 5 days of BBC wages. Making football highlights great again.

  • Lineker has now earned the annual salary of an NHS nurse

    £23,000 - in 4.6 days.

  • Lineker can now buy all of his 606 Brazilian namesakes a year’s supply of Walkers Crisps

    You're welcome Sr Lynneeker!!

  • Lineker can now 100% fund the Unified Schools Football Program in China

    Supporting people with learning disabilities through the game of Football - please donate here.

  • Lineker can now afford to buy another £16,000 Hublot Watch

    Bit try hard?

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  • Lineker can now afford to bathe in a bathtub full of moisturiser to maintain his celebrity look

    That's £15,900 a bath!

  • Lineker can now afford to buy one front row ticket to watch Mayweather vs. McGregor

    That's if he can get one retail!

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  • Lineker has now earned £14,382 – the Annual Salary of a worker on Minimum Wage

    Lineker earns £205.48 every hour, even when he sleeps. The minimum wage is £7.05 per hour.

  • Lineker can now afford to buy 540 pairs of Leicester City Shorts

    That's one pair of "boxer shorts" for every registered player in the premier league.

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  • Linker is now able to buy a lifetime supply of Heinz Baked Beans

    He can buy 1 can every 15 seconds from Tesco. On average, we eat just under 7,000 cans in our lifetime, right now costing just about £6,230.

  • Lineker can now buy 20,000 Freddo’s

    At the highly inflated price of 25p per bar.

  • Lineker can pay for a year of tuition fees

    Average of £9,188. That's a year of fees for just a couple of days chill time.

  • Lineker can now afford a 4-rib of beef & a case of fine wine from Chateau Pichon-Longueville Baron’s 1990 vintage

    1990 - not a great year for Football but a good year for wine.

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  • Lineker has now earned enough to take his turn paying Shearer & Lawro’s Taxi home from the BBC

    Now, now.. fare's, fare. :-)

  • Lineker can now afford to buy this George Cleverly Black Alligator Travel Watch Box for £1500

    We know he's a fan of George.

  • Lineker has now earned enough to pay for a one night stay in the luxury Hotel du Cap in the South of France

    Comes in at £850 a night - same price as 3 of these John Lewis mattresses.

  • Lineker can now buy an iphone 7plus (£719) to call and thank his agent for securing him the second highest salary at the BBC

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  • Lineker can now buy a £500 custom neon sign that says You Wish Jimmy to send to Jimmy Bullard for trying to steal his job

  • Lineker can now afford to pay £400 for a quick fire divorce online

    Easy come, easy go.

  • Lineker can now buy 330 Greggs Sausage Rolls

    One for every goal he scored in his career.

  • Lineker can now buy this Aaron Ramsey Signed Shirt for Piers Morgan to remind him of how wrong he was

  • Lineker can afford to buy a WWII style Tin Helmet

    Earning £3.42 every minute he breathes. Lineker has to wait a mere 4mins 24secs before he can afford to buy a tin helmet.

    Being a patrotic chap, we can imagine him bracing himself with this Green British Army Soldier Helmet from World War 2 on

  • Lineker contemplates life for 47 seconds. Earns his morning coffee

    On a base of 6p/second. Lineker has earned £2.82. He can now buy his morning coffee with change to spare.

    Coffee Lineker

    Keen Coffee Lineker via The SUN

  • Lineker brushes his teeth for 10 seconds, can now afford a packet of Walkers Cheese & Onion Crisps

    *sniff sniff*... still a bit cheesy.

  • Happy BBC Salary Day!

    Lineker prepares for the worst.

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