Gareth Bale at Real Madrid

Bale has earned: a lot since joining Real Madrid.

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  • Bale can now buy an iphone 5s (£700) for evey registered player in the prem (540) and championship (700)

  • Bale could buy all teams in 32 different leagues across the UK proper goal posts giving something back to non-league football

    That's around 640 teams

  • Bale could buy the entire population of Belize a packet of Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire pudding mix

    That's 334,000. One for the Sunday Roast lovers :)

  • Guess how much Bale would win if he put the £575,000 he's earned before kicking a ball on himself scoring first - Click Here

    Actually seems a decent punt!

  • That’s £15,900 per bathBale can now afford to bathe in 31 bathtubs full of Moisturiser to maintain his celebrity look. 15

    That's £15,900 a bath!

  • Bale could now buy the entire population of Malta a sausage roll from Greggs

    Malta peeps love a sausage roll

  • Bale has now earned more than Barack Obama and David Cameron’s annual wages combined.

    That's in a week an a half

  • Courtesy of the Red Cross: A food parcel for a family costs around £44. Bale could now provide life saving food for 9,226 families displaced by the fighting in Syria

    Just over one week's wages.

  • If Bale were to put his earnings on himself scoring a hatrick against Serbia (with Betfred) he'd earn more than Cardiff and Swansea's match day ticket sales combined!

    If betting on yourself was legal! He'd earn over £8,000,000!

  • If you put all the 5 Euro notes that Bale has earned in a line, it still wouldn't be as long as Miley Cyrus' tongue



  • Now he's earned £300k Bale can buy this parking space in Knightsbridge

    Not sure what's more ridiculous, his wage or the price of that space!!

  • Following on with the Batman idea... Bale could buy himself and Ronaldo one of these and have an epic drag race!

    I think Firebox should film this for us!

  • Bale could afford to employ David Haye to be his bodyguard for 3.5 weeks instead of Haye taking the £83k a week in sponsorship…

    That would stop random pitch huggers!

  • Bale has earned the same as Barack Obama does in a year, without kicking a ball.

    The most powerful man in the world!

  • Bale could now afford to save Kettering Town FOUR times over

    Help save Kettering Town with @footyaccums

  • Bale can now afford to keep Dan Magness in a box and take him out when he has to do keepy uppies


  • Bale can now buy 34 Renault Twizy's and have a massive game of bumper cars

    That's posh bumper cars...

  • In under a week Bale can buy two terraced houses in Yr Eglwys Newydd

    (Where he went to school)

  • At 6p per print, Gareth Bale can buy the entire population of Pyongyang, North Korea, a picture of Barack Obama.

    Kim Jong-un(believable)!!! Thanks to Nick Edwards ;)

  • Bale could buy a replica Batmobile and have change!

    And pretend he's Christian Bale (Thanks to Dhiman)

  • Bale can buy 10% of Cardiff a KFC Godfather Meal for lunch

    Finger licking good.

  • Bale can buy a Porsche 911 Turbo S every 4 days.

    Or two 911 Carrera's but they're only £83k each.

  • Bale has now earned enough to buy everybody in the Bernabeu a match day beer.

    That's a lot of booze!

  • Bale can afford to stay in the Burj Al-Arab Royal Suite for 13 nights

    That's £11,522 a night!

  • Bale can now buy the entire Real Madrid squad a £2000 bullet proof case

    ... to stop Ronaldo's shots.

  • Bale can put a deposit on one of these luxury Redrow apartments in central London

    Could be handy if this move doesn’t work out...

  • Bale can buy everyone in the United Arab Emirates a cup of PG TIPS

    That's 2.5 millions tea bags!

  • Bale can buy 41 high end MacBook Pros

    Or one hell of a supercomputer.

  • Bale can buy a vintage 8.98ct gold mine cut diamond ring

    He's been employed for 24 hours!

  • Bale has earned twice what Balotelli won at the casino in a little over 24 hours

    50,000 is also the number of page views we received per hour immediately after putting this site live.

  • Bale can take the entire town of St Davids to watch One Direction

    Assuming he had nothing better to do, of course.

  • Bale can travel the underground for 11 years

    Bale can buy 11 years worth of London travel for zones 1-6.

  • Bale could pre-order the xbox one with Fifa 14 for 42 people

    That could include both the entire Real and Tottenham squads!

  • Bale could put a deposit on a house

    In six hours, Bale has earned what it take the average couple 2 years to save when saving for a mortgage.

  • Bale can already buy 50,000 freddo's.

    At the highly inflated 20p per bar.

  • Bale will spend £9,825 on his girl's hair

    This is potentially the most scary thing I've seen all day.

  • Bale can pay for a year of tuition fees!

    Average of £8,507. That's a year of fees for a little over 4 hours of chill time.

  • Bale has earned 47 weeks wages of minimum wage

    He hasn't even played yet.

  • Bale can buy 12,000 cans of Tango

    Assuming you pay about 50p for a can.

  • Bale can buy a lifetime supply of baked beans

    He can buy 1 can every 1.2 seconds from Tesco. On average, we eat just under 7,000 cans in our lifetime, right now costing just about £4,700.

  • Bale can buy a modest Suzuki Swift

    This is assuming he doesn't want to negotiate on price.

  • Bale works for 10 seconds. Earns his lunch.

    On a base of 56p/second. Bale has earned £5.60. He can now buy a footlong sandwich and drink from Subway with change to spare.

  • Bale joins Real

    Bale joins Real. He hasn't earned any wages yet.

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