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FPLBET post regular updates for Football Index, including how to guides and top picks. Follow our cash builder series as we attempt to make a nice profit over the course of the season.

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Football Index is the football stock market. It is where you can buy “shares” in real-life players and earn money depending on the success of that player.

You can earn money when a player you hold shares in scores or assists goals. You can also earn money when a player you hold shares in and is one of the best players statistically in a gameweek (calculated in a way similar to bonus points in Fantasy premier League) and / or has a lot of media articles written about him.

If you would like to try Football Index, at the time of writing, they are running a money-back special where you can have a full-refund up to £500 for new customers during the 2019/20 season if you are not happy with the product and lose money during your first 30 days.

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Football Index is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.Please play responsibly.