Best Stats Websites for Improving your FPL Performace

One of the most important principles of playing FPL is the ability to make sense of all the statistics that are available. Data is an invaluable asset in the league. It gives you the ability to make informed choices and potentially improve your squad but while with such a huge amount of resources available, it can daunting to decide which ones to visit on a weekly basis. With that in mind, here are our top FPL websites, when it comes to number crunching and player analysis.


Although the website looks quite easy to navigate, it is quite deceptive, and this is due to the large volume of data that is available. However, thanks to the live scores which are available on the main page, it has become popular amongst FPL managers. When you select a game between two teams, it displays the performance of the players, along with their points. The website highlights the top performers, which you can use to your advantage.

Another excellent feature is the detailed Bonus Points System (BPS) Scores, which breaks down the figures into different categories. With the help of this information, you can decide on the changes that may or may not be made within your squad.

Fantasy Football Fix

Several FPL managers head to Fantasy Football Fix, due to the sheer volume of data they can obtain in a handful of minutes. Once you enter the login details for your squad, you can use the website’s exceptional algorithm to make substantial improvements to your team. While, Iit uses predictive analytics to recommend which changes you should be making, in order to increase the number of FPL points you receive.

In addition to that, it will show the fixture ratings for all your players, along with how they might perform in the next game and of course, there are also several other features that can be unlocked with a premium account.

Fantasy Overlord

Fantasy Overlord can only be described as an exceptional statistical website and one which gives you access to comprehensive volumes of information for free. In this site, you can use it to analyse your team and it will then provide recommendations on how it can be improved In addition to this, there is the dream team predictor – a tool where the website forecasts, just which players will perform well in the upcoming gameweek.

You can use Fantasy Overlord to analyse upcoming fixtures and look at any trends that are emerging among FPL managers all over the world. It also has team point forecasts, player predictions, and the top picks for the next gameweek.

FPL Analytics

FPL Analytics is for those managers who want maximum returns from the players in their squad. The type of data available on this website is second to none, as it gives you deep insight into what to expect from particular players.

For example, you can look at the average points per game, along with the time spent on the pitch. Players with high figures in these areas tend to be consistent with their performance, giving you vital points to stay on top of your league. When you compare this statistic to the official FPL website, you will find out that the latter lacks this essential feature. There are other data tables available on this website, such as price change, price breakdown, injuries, and fixtures difficulty.

FPL Statistics

When you are in the market looking to replace an injured or underperforming player, you want to pick someone who will give you excellent return on your investment. With FPL Statistics, you can use the website’s price change predictions to stay ahead of the competition and make sure you are not stung by any subsequent increases or decreases in value.  

There are other statistics available on this website, such as the key performance indicator. With the help of scripts, FPL Statistics helps to understand which players stand a higher chance of scoring a greater number of points in their upcoming matches. Also, it shows the number of games where the player obtained five or more points, a valuable statistic to get maximum returns.

Premier Fantasy Tools

If you are searching for a website which gives you an incredible amount of information about your FPL team, then Premier Fantasy Tools comes highly recommended. The team analysis feature on this site is simply incredible as it carries out an in-depth review of your squad. For instance, it studies who you picked as captain, and how many bonus points you received from your decision. While it can also highlight the percentage of successful picks that you have made along with who is the best choice for captain in your squad.

Premier Fantasy Tools examines your formations and gives you a pie chart on which ones gave you the most points. It analyses the points you receive from each position, so that the changes you make improve your chances of moving up the league table.


Compared to other sports, football is an incredibly low-scoring game and because of this, the final score isn’t always clear depiction of how the two teams performed throughout the match. Understat solves this problem with their one-of-a-kind statistics, such as expected goals for and against different clubs.

For individual players, an important metric is “number of passes which lead to a shot”. In FPL, you can use this statistic to determine which player stands the highest chance of assisting his teammates. It also allows you to understand how likely a club is to score from set-pieces, corners, and direct freekicks.


WhoScored is an excellent resource and one which you can use to improve your Fantasy Premier League team. It is well-known for its player data, which displays performance data from specific positions. With this, you can determine how well they will play, should they start in their preferred place.

The website provides referee statistics, which tells you how many fouls and yellow/red cards they hand out per game and this is something to take into consideration when looking at whether you’ll lose points due to discipline.  While under team statistics, you can understand how well a club performs against certain opposition, something that will help you make the decision as to who will be in the starting eleven and who will be on the bench.

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