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In this article we review our top online resources for Premier Stats and information. Perfect for FPL managers and punters alike. If your favourite site is not list here, please be sure to let us know in the comments.

Whether you are looking to conquer the world of Fantasy Premier League (FPL) or you consider yourself as someone who likes to place bets on a regular basis, there is one thing that you’ll have in common and this is the desire to make informed decisions. For example, having access to a myriad of statistics, such as goal scoring rate of strikers or number of goals conceded by goalkeepers, will help you have a better understanding of every individual player’s performance.

Similarly, knowing a team’s current form along with any recent developments, subsequently makes it easier to determine whether they will win their next game. For example, if a team are unable to use their three key defenders due to injuries, they are vulnerable to concede a greater number of goals. If you play (FPL), then it would be sensible to remove any absentees from your squad. and if you are keen punter, then your money will be best placed elsewhere.

Therefore, knowing which websites to follow is crucial, especially as you want access to accurate and reliable information. Simultaneously, you’ll want to keep yourself up to date with all the football news and with that in mind, here are the best websites to find a multitude of Premier League stats.


A website with an easy-to-use interface, FcTables is a highly recommended site which allows you to access a large amount of Premier League based information. For example, when looking at the current league table, from here you can not only see points earned but also recent form and upcoming opposition.

When you compare the clubs head-to-head, it will show you the statistics for the previous six games, along with the odds of them both scoring in their upcoming fixture. While this is a function that can also be used when looking at players, something must be considered an invaluable tool in terms of your FPL team selection. In addition to that, the website also breaks down the information into pie charts, making it easier for you to analyse and understand.  


Footystats is popular among FPL players and anyone who likes betting on football, due to the comprehensive amount of data it has made available, something that will help you immensely when it comes to making pre-match predictions. The main page of the website will show you all the matches taking place on a specific date, along with the form of the teams and their odds of winning.

Also, it allows you to download the statistics for the following – league, head-to-head, teams, and players. There is data available for all clubs and the majority of it is free. However, if you want to get information such as disciplinary and corner statistics, along with the option to download to a CSV file then you will need to register a premium account.

Premier League

The best way to stay abreast of all the developments in the Premier League is to follow their official website. Here you get the latest news, videos of every club and player, along with a whole raft of statistics. Although the data is quite basic when you compare it with other websites, you can be assured it is always accurate and up to date.

The best part of the official Premier League website is ICT or Influence, Creativity, and Threat Index, which is extremely useful in the Fantasy Premier League. With this information, you can change your squad and strategies accordingly. Also, ICT Index gives you in-depth data on the performance of the player, along with the impact for his club.


When it comes to Premier League statistics, Sofascore is one of the most underrated websites available today, It caters to the needs of both gamblers and FPL managers, which makes its functionality incredibly versatile. When you select a club, it subsequently provides you with betting odds, recent form, goal distribution, and top scorers.

The player statistics are quite impressive, as the website uses intuitive images to depict performance. While you can also take a deeper dive, as the analysis is split into tactical, defending, technical, creative, and attacking skill categories. In addition to this, the strengths and weaknesses of the player are available, along with their preferred playing positions on the field.


Another highly recommended website amongst Premier League statistics enthusiasts is Squawka. Although data can be considered its core principle you can also use this site for your daily dose of football news. In regard to statistics, Squawka’s top feature is their comprehensive head-to-head information.

There is a wide variety of statistics available on this website, such as performance, attacking, defence and possession. It allows you to change the data according to factors such as pitch focus, body part, and calendar. Something that makes, the comparison matrix available on this website a league winner.


Although the website looks basic compared to its rivals, don’t be fooled by its aesthetics, as it provides exhaustive information about the Premier League. Understat provides unique statistics, which you won’t find on other sites. For example, it has a new metric known as expected goals, to make it easier for its users to evaluate player and team performance.

They believe this statistic is essential in football, as it helps FPL managers and betting fans alike evaluate shot quality in the game. There are also several other metrics available, such as the likeliness of a team conceding or scoring from corners, set pieces, direct free kicks, and open play.  While with all these stats on offer, it gives you the best possible chance of getting a good result each weekend.


WhoScored is another exceptional website which provides top-notch information on everything related to the Premier League. The tremendous depth of data will give you a significant edge over your competitors, whether you are going up against the bookmakers or fellow FPL managers.

For example, in the preview section, the website will give you the probable lineups, missing players, and all the latest team news. Under the team profile, you get comprehensive information on every aspect of their game, such as strengths and weaknesses, top players, formation summary, and other types of invaluable statistics. While not to mention, after the game has concluded the match report function, breaks down the game into sizeable bits of information and it is this level of detail, that makes it one of if not the best statistical website available today.

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