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FPL podcasts are a rapidly changing landscape as new ones keep popping up every year. Here is a selection of our top picks. If your favourite podcast isn’t on the list, let us know in the comments and I’ll be sure to add it!

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When you don’t have the time to watch videos on how to improve your team in the world of Fantasy Premier League, the next best resource is podcasts. However, you don’t want to spend hours listening to different people, only to realize that they don’t have any useful information. Don’t worry, because you can take your Fantasy Premier League team to the next level with any of these league winning offerings.

Fantasy Football Scoutcast

Subscribers – 22,866 (YouTube); 1,915 (PlayerFM)

Fantasy Football Scoutcast is one of the best podcasts available for FPL, thanks to the comprehensive information provided by the hosts. They talk about specific topics every week, which makes their content unique and absorbing. You can take your team to the top of the league, by listening to their vast volumes of football knowledge.

Always Cheating

Subscribers – 1,748 (SoundCloud)

The best thing about Always Cheating is that the creators will dive into FPL-based topics as soon as the intro tracks end. As a result, you will find their content interesting and entertaining throughout the session. They talk about the performance of all Premier League teams during the week, which is extremely helpful for any fantasy managers that are listening.

Fantasy Football Surgery

Subscribers – 1,609 (Soundcloud)

If FPL is all you can think about when you are either at work, meeting your friends or spending time with your family members, then you will love Fantasy Football Surgery. The podcast makes it easy to comprehend all the statistics and information that is currently available so that you can then use it to boost your team’s current league position.

Who Got The Assist

Subscribers – 1,034 (SoundCloud)

One of the most popular FPL podcasts on SoundCloud today and one that you certainly should devote some time to each week. The hosts tend to talk about their own teams, before moving on to the games which took place the previous week. They talk about the transfers they are looking to make within their respective teams. At the same time, they introduce interesting concepts and topics which are relevant to the league. Also, they provide information on the FPL market, such as which team changes you should be making for the gameweek ahead.

The FPL General

Subscribers – 956 (SoundCloud); 1,930 (YouTube)

During the last four seasons of FPL, the creator of FPL General finished in the top 500. Due to this, and the advice that he passes on to listeners, you know you are in excellent hands. With expert tips on how to be a better player in FPL, you can use this podcast to perform on a weekly basis.


Subscribers – 948 (Soundcloud)

FML FPL is a well-rounded podcast, which provides unique content to its users. The hosts only spend a fraction of the time talking about their teams. During the rest of the session, they go in-depth analysing the teams and players, and their particular impact on FPL.

3 Amigos

Subscribers – 457 (SoundCloud)

When you listen to 3 Amigos, you tend to forget that you are in a global competition. In this podcast, you will come across a group of friends who love to have fun. At the same time, they give you all the information you need to be on top of your own private mini-league.

Planet FPL

Subscribers – 455 (SoundCloud)

Since 2017, Planet FPL, has helped their listeners to improve their teams. The hosts only talk about FPL, which is ideal if you only want a podcast which doesn’t cover other topics. Which means, there is plenty of talk about how their teams performed every week, along with their expectations for upcoming games.

Bang Average

Subscribers – 272 (SoundCloud)

If you want to listen to a group of mates provide deep insight about FPL, you should check out Bang Average immediately. The hosts expertly navigate through banter and advice, so that it is an entertaining listen for everyone.

The Punt

Subscribers – 74 (SoundCloud); 69 (PlayerFM)

The Punt tends to cover on a variety of topics related to football, which makes this podcast extremely interesting. Whether it is punts, strategy or just a laugh, you can always depend on them. Their expertise on different football-related subjects is highly impressive and this easily conveyed when listening to them.

Association Fantasy Football Cast United

Subscribers – 75 (SoundCloud)

Although this podcast has a slow start, where the creators tend to talk about various topics that interest them deeply, it has a lot of wonderful content. The connection between host and guests makes things lively, and their advice on FPL is something that you need to get your ears around.

Four Four Effing Two

Subscribers – Not available

The hosts of Four Four Effing Two come together every week, to talk about the latest developments in the Premier League. At the same time, they also discuss FPL, while giving you information on how to improve your own team.

Four Point Hit

Subscribers – Not available

A group of friends come together every month to talk about the beautiful game. Even though they don’t frequently post, unlike other podcasts, they make sure to provide all the information you need. With their expertise, you can learn how to make your FPL team even better than before.

FPL Toilet

Subscribers – Not Available

Unlike other podcasts which go on for an hour or more, FPL Toilet has a shorter duration. The creator of this channel likes to go in-depth about the Premier League. At the same time, the host provides a lot of information on which players to add to your team, along with the reasons as to why.

The Fantasy King

Subscribers – Not available

As the name suggests, the hosts of this show provide you with all kinds of information, so that you can become successful in the world of FPL. All Premier League topics are covered in the podcast, and this will help you make some smart decisions regarding your fantasy team.

The Gaffer Tapes

Subscribers – Not available

The Gaffer Tapes is a popular podcast among FPL players. The hosts of the show focus on cracking jokes and ensuring everyone has fun. The podcast is full of puns, so make sure you listen closely. While due to the lengths of these podcasts, you can listen to them throughout your day and pick up important FPL info while chained to your desk at work.

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