Best Fantasy Football Shows on YouTube

A great way to sharpen your FPL knowledge is by watching the ever popular YouTube channels of some of the top FPL content creators. I’ve pulled together a list of my favourites. As ever, if your favourite show is not on the list. Please let me know in the comments!

Del, Editor.

Even if you are considered more of a casual player in the world of Fantasy Premier League, you’ll still want the opportunity to have a successful season, and especially when you are competing with your friends in a private mini-league. Although because you are a casual, you may not always have the time or the inclination to watch every game and go through all the statistics to make informed decisions.

Fortunately, you can follow a YouTube channel and obtain all the information you need to succeed. However, as there are several channels available, you don’t want to waste your time by watching the wrong videos and with that in mind, here are the best fantasy football shows that are currently available on YouTube.


Subscribers – 94,065

Videos – 558

FPLtips takes the top spot in the list due to the large number of subscribers and videos in this channel. Every week, @_FPLtips uploads a wide variety of content, such as Q&A, team selection, and which players to watch. The videos are short and descriptive, giving you a wealth of information for making informed decisions about your team.


Subscribers – 53,961

Videos – 114

FPL TV is popular among football fans because of the type of content available. For example, you can get previews, reviews, tips, point predictors, and advice. The in-depth commentary about the picks offers insights on how to improve your own fantasy team. The point predictor series is an excellent addition, as it is different from all the other channels.

Let’s Talk FPL

Subscribers – 26,807

Videos – 287

Are you on the look for a channel which goes into great length explaining why you should make a particular transfer? Let’s Talk FPL is the answer. Andy spends a lot of time creating exceptional in-depth videos. He also holds live streams on a regular basis so that you can get answers to any FPL questions you may have.

Fantasy Football Scout

Subscribers – 22,837

Videos – 224

Fantasy Football Scout is another popular Youtube channel due to the comprehensive amount of content they have made available and thanks to their unique content, it allows you to look at the world of FPL through a more informed perspective. Our friends at scout continue to do an awesome job enriching all of us in the FPL community. Great job guys.


Subscribers – 11,844

Videos – 137

Unlike other channels which focus on review, previews, and team selection, FantasyFootballFix takes a different approach. Every week, fix upload content on the top five players backed by their own data sources and artificial intelligence algorithms. The selections are based on leading metrics such as xFPL, xG, and xA. Fix has the low down on clean sheets and potential for goals/assists.

Capkin Gaming

Subscribers – 11,081

Videos – 470

Capkin Gaming has been on YouTube since 2012 and has amassed over 2 million views. Capkin spends a lot of time researching before making any team selections. He focuses a lot on captains and strategy. Although it is recommended that you have a large amount of free time available because there is a lot of great lengthy content here!

FPL Today (10,384 subscribers, 735 videos)

Subscribers – 10,384

Videos – 735

The reason why FPL Today is popular among participants all over the world, is due to the extensive amount of information he provides in a suscint format. With content uploaded on a weekly basis and the valuable insight, you can’t afford to miss any of his videos.

Jay Egerdorff’s FPL Masterclass

Subscribers – 8,515

Videos – 50

A top performer in Fantasy Premier League, Jay Egerdorff started his channel late in 2017 and thanks to his consistency for a decade, you can always bank on him for reliable information. Make sure you always have a pen and paper or a note-taking app ready, golden nuggets are about to rain down on thee!

FPL Family

Subscribers – 4,002

Videos – 101

Run by Husband and wife team, Lee and Sam, the guys host weekly live streams and do lengthy detailed analysis and discussion. Always entertaining, always insightful, subscribing to FPL Family is a must!

Dayvy FPL

Subscribers – 2,581

Videos – 19

One of the many YouTubers with a high global ranking, Dayvy FPL reviews how has team has fared in the world of FPL By subscribing to his channel, you can take a look at how he performs each week and attempt to emulate his success.

FPL Centre

Subscribers – 1,989

Videos – 45

Although this channel is quite new to YouTube, there is a lot to learn from FPL Centre. The creator breaks down important fixtures in the league to give you an idea of what to expect from each game. He spotlights players that perform well during the week and debates whether or not you should include them in your team.

FPL General (1,923 subscribers, 40 videos)

Subscribers – 1,923

Videos – 40

If you are on the lookout for a channel that is back by one of the best players in the game and covers every Premier League fixture, subscribing to FPL General is a must. One good thing about the General is that he continues to post updates on a regular basis and his knowledge and track record in the game are unrivalled.

FPL Dare

Subscribers – 1,771

Videos – 47

Are you the type of person who is looking to try something new every week, especially when it comes to FPL? If yes, then you should look at the videos made by FPL Dare, who aims to provide valuable content to all its subscribers, while following a largely different approach. In addition to this, you can have a lot of fun, while learning a lot of information at the same time.

FPL Cougars

Subscribers – 1,440

Videos – 25

Although one of the newer Fantasy Premier League channels, the two FPL Cougars hosts are certainly not short on passion. They post content on such a regular basis and are reliable when it comes to tips and hints. The content covers a wide range of topics helping you to become a top performer in your own private mini-league.

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