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As the 2014/15 Premier League campaign drew to a close, Fantasy Premier League managers prepared to shut up shop and patiently await the arrival of the new season some three months later. The same couldn’t be said for the Daily Fantasy Football manager, who began analysing the competition list and finding new avenues to fill their pockets with during the summer.

After a few weeks of minor Tippeligaen addiction, our partners Mondogoal made a timely intervention with the news of a $10,000 Summer Showdown for the Women’s World Cup and Copa America.

Several months later we’re now sat here with Steven (or @sreeves as he’s known online) the winner of the $10,000 Summer Showdown, who took home $2,500 for his 1st place finish.

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Winning the $10,000 Summer Showdown

Congratulations on your achievement, Simon. You now have one of the most illustrious titles in the game: ‘The Biggest Fantasy Women’s World Cup Winner Of All Time”. Tell us about how you gained entry to the Championship. How many entry tickets did you win?

Steven: I won 7 tickets; I would mainly enter the cash competitions and would just stick one or two of those teams in the Championship as well.

fplbet: How did having 7 entry tickets influence your team selection approach? Did you try to cover multiple attacking/defensive variations, or just tweak a few players from a core lineup?

Steven: I did fancy an England or Germany clean sheet and I also had a feeling there would be goals in the USA vs Japan final. I selected my team based around these two events. I picked Messi in most (for fouls won potential, if nothing else) and combined him with USA attacking preference.

fplbet: Was there any players who featured in all 7 of your teams?

Steven: Lionel Messi and Megan Rapinoe. Attacking midfielders are  wonderful assets in Daily Fantasy Football.

fplbet: Do you pay attention to the additional ways of scoring points on Mondogoal e.g. Fouls Won, Shots on Target, etc.?

Steven: Yes, but really just the two you have mentioned.

fplbet: Tell us more about how that Saturday panned out for you? From what we understand you had a close finale with fplbet owner @jamieFPL.

Steven: I didn’t know i had won until the next morning! I went to work with a spring in my step that day.

fplbet: Now for the obligatory ‘do you have any plans for the money’ question…

Steven: Add it to the holiday fund to be honest. Trying to save up to go travelling – that would be nice!

Daily Fantasy Football

fplbet: So what is your fantasy football background? What would you list as your experience and achievements?

Steven: This is my first actual win after coming second a few times. I’ve decided to stop playing the season-long game now as weekly games give me an actual chance of winning.

fplbet: Prior to the 10k Championship success – what was you biggest win?

Steven: Nothing individually. The object is to just turn a profit in the weeklies.

fplbet: What does your Daily Fantasy Football week look like, what is your routine?

Steven: I’ll start with whom I think will keep a clean sheet and who will score a few, run some stats over them, then compile a list of options and just go with my gut feeling on them.

fplbet: What are your thoughts in terms of stacking (having the maximum number of players allowed from one team in one position) particularly in defence?

Steven: It certainly is a favoured way for multiple entries, but I actually prefer entering one team in multiple leagues rather than vice versa.

fplbet: What are your thoughts on how Daily Fantasy Football has grown so far in the UK

Steven: Well it has grown of course, the thing is sites come and go. Mondogoal is the only site that is anywhere near the huge U.S sites such as Draft Kings. I hope the UK market and player pool increases this year.

fplbet: What do you think needs to happen in the Daily Fantasy Football industry for it to grow?

Steven: I would have said that large pots such as Draft Kings $50k per week is absolutely massive. However Mondogoal have large pots but numbers are just steadily increasing I think. Taking a share of the betting market somehow. I.e have a fantasy football bet instead of a traditional bet – How companies do that, I’m not sure?

fplbet: Do you keep up to date with the industry in general and in particular the US, if so what are your thoughts on the news Draft Kings has applied for a license in the UK.

Steven: WOW! I didn’t know that. I’ll certainly be sticking with Mondogoal though as I think the guys there have paved the way for large pots. But you cannot ignore the massive potential Draft Kings could have.

fplbet: What are the top 3 things that the Daily Fantasy Football sites should do to improve and why?

Steven: 1. Make team editing and changing as simple and as quick as possible. 2. Advertising or get exposure as far and wide as possible. 3. Entice players with juicy pots (I realize this has to be timed well AND coincide with advertising).

fplbet: What are you most excited about for this Daily Fantasy Football season?

Steven: Well, the same as usual really. Having some new faces on the Daily Fantasy Football sites who may want to challenge me on the large pots, no Di Maria to lose money on and Dimitri Payet’s potential for the West’am.

fplbet: Are you on twitter so we can stalk you for tips?

Steven: I am but don’t use it I’m afraid.

fplbet: Thanks for taking time to speak with us Steven and good luck this weekend.

Steven: Cheers, all the best everyone!

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