FPL Heisenberg’s Captain Series – Gameweek 21

FPL Heisenberg’s Captain Series

FPL Heisenberg’s Captain Series

Welcome to the latest article in a new series for the 2020/21 Fantasy Premier League season from @FPL_Heisenberg for FPL Bet. In this weekly series, Heisenberg will be looking into the best captaincy options, as well as ‘outside of the box’ captaincy choices for each Gameweek. Heisenberg has a proven track record in FPL, having finished inside the top 32k in each of the last 6 seasons, including a best finish of 836th. Let’s cook!

Gameweek 21 Captains:

Ilkay Gundogan (Fixture: Sheffield United, Home)

Gundogan has been a revelation in his new role, arriving in the box late to score goals. He scored 7 goals in the last 8 league games. He was exceptional away at West Brom, with a brace and he even got a nice rest, only playing around 50 minutes.

Pep Guardiola has even confirmed that he will start, so we can relax on the Pep roulette front, Pep said when asked if he plans to rest Ilkay Gündogan against Sheffield United: “No, definitely not. Gundo is going to play tomorrow.”

With De Bruyne out and Gundogan converting a penalty vs Aston Villa, it is likely that he will step up should Man City get a penalty against Sheffield United. Will Man City be able to kick on further and build upon their free-scoring performances in both the league and cup? For those captaining Gundogan, they’ll sure hope so.

Joao Cancelo (Fixture: Sheffield United, Home)

The creative Man City defender is only selected by under 18% of FPL players at the time of writing, and therefore will be a huge captain differential, with your mini-league rivals likely to captain one of the midfield or forward options.

The Portuguese has been performing very well recently, getting plenty of shots away and performing well creatively too. I tipped him in my last article and he proved me right with a 17 point haul away at West Brom.

He’s part of a team that has the best defence in the league, so the chances of a clean sheet are high, especially as they are playing Sheffield United at home. A clean sheet plus an attacking return (which is a very realistic scenario) would almost certainly guarantee a double-digit haul from Cancelo.

Heung-Min Son (Fixture: Brighton, Away)

With Kane out injured there are two schools of thought on how this will affect Heung-Min Son.

The first theory is that he will perform better without Kane, possibly playing even more centrally and be relied upon even more for goals and assists. He could also be on penalties with Kane out.

The second theory is that because him and Kane have linked up so well this season, assisting each other for goals, and therefore he will be negatively affected by Kane being out.

It’s difficult to know which way it’ll go but Son has been superb all season and has a relatively kind fixture away to Brighton, so I still think he could be an excellent captain choice this week. He’s currently sitting in 3rd place for overall points, just two points behind Harry Kane in first.

Outside of the Box’ captains:

Dominic Calvert-Lewin (Fixture: Newcastle, Home)

After a great start to the season, Dominic Calvert-Lewin went off the radar following some blanks and then an injury.

In terms of the underlying statistics at the start of the season, he was top for non-penalty expected goals for all players in the league. He was getting himself into the positions where he’s most likely to score goals, in the central areas of the penalty area, with most of his goals being one touch finishes – something he and Ancelotti have been working hard on.

His output suffered recently when Lucas Digne, Richarlison and James Rodriguez all missed games through injury. With those players now back in the game, supplying chances to Calvert-Lewin he should have an increased chance to score goals.

Everton are at home to Newcastle who’ve been on a shocking run of form of late, so I can see Calvert-Lewin bagging against the Toon.

Wilf Zaha (Fixture: Wolves, Home)

Although the Crystal Palace talisman is currently selected by 14.9% of FPL players at the time of writing, he will still be a huge captain differential.

The Ivorian will be full of confidence following a goal away at West Ham. If he can keep that attacking momentum going, then Zaha could score again at home to Wolves, especially given the fact he may still be taking penalties for Crystal Palace.

Making a player from Crystal Palace your captain is not something that a boring player like myself would ever do, but if you like taking risks then Wilf Zaha could be your man.

Thanks for reading the latest article in this captaincy series from FPL Heisenberg, be sure to follow @FPLBet and @FPL_Heisenberg on Twitter so that you don’t miss the weekly article. Agree or disagree with these captaincy picks? Let us know in the comments below and on Twitter!

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