Braveheart’s Forward Look – GW15


This season FPLbet will have a weekly series of forward look articles designed to try and improve your points and profits. Whether you are an avid FPL player or whether you like to dabble in Football Index, Footstock, Sportstack or traditional betting, this article should be your first port of call before picking your teams or placing any bets for the week’s Premier League fixtures.

All data is from the last six gameweeks and the information in this article is correct as of 22 December 2020.

The forward look – GW15:

LeicestervMan United
34%Win %43%
23%Clean sheet %27%
Vardy (6)Most big chances   
(last 6 GWs)
Rashford (5)
Justin (3)Most big chances created  (last 6 GWs)Fernandes (5)
Vardy (36.7)xFPL   (xG, xA and xCS combined)Fernandes (43.2)
11Team big chances (last 6 GWs)23 (most)
15Big chances conceded (last 6 GWs)14
Aston VillavCrystal Palace
53%Win %27%
37%Clean sheet %22%
El Ghazi (3)Most big chances  
(last 6 GWs)
Benteke (3)
Grealish (2)Most big chances created (last 6 GWs)Eze (1)
El Ghazi (30.7)xFPL  (xG, xA and xCS combined)Van Aanholt (28.1)
12Team big chances (last 6 GWs)9
5 (joint third fewest)Big chances conceded (last 6 GWs)13
32%Win %43%
27%Clean sheet %33%
Cavaleiro (5)Most big chances  
(last 6 GWs)
Walcott (3)
Lookman (2)Most big chances created (last 6 GWs)Adams (5)
Cavaleiro (35.8)xFPL  (xG, xA and xCS combined)McCarthy (30.9)
16Team big chances (last 6 GWs)11
18 (joint second most)Big chances conceded (last 6 GWs)13
26%Win %53%
22%Clean sheet %36%
Saka (3)Most big chances  
(last 6 GWs)
Werner (6)
Bellerin (3)Most big chances created (last 6 GWs)Mount (4)
Tierney (29.0)xFPL  (xG, xA and xCS combined)Zouma (34.9)
8 (joint third fewest)Team big chances (last 6 GWs)20 (second most)
9Big chances conceded (last 6 GWs)3 (fewest)
Man CityvNewcastle
91%Win %6%
60%Clean sheet %6%
Sterling (5)Most big chances  
(last 6 GWs)
Wilson (3)
De Bryune (8)Most big chances created (last 6 GWs)Joelinton (2)
De Bryune (45.2)xFPL  (xG, xA and xCS combined)Darlow (23.3)
18 (third most)Team big chances (last 6 GWs)6 (second fewest)
4 (second fewest)Big chances conceded (last 6 GWs)10
Sheffield UnitedvEverton
23%Win %57%
22%Clean sheet %40%
McBurnie (4)Most big chances  
(last 6 GWs)
Calvert-Lewin (7)
Burke (3)Most big chances created (last 6 GWs)Digne (3)
Baldock (29.5)xFPL  (xG, xA and xCS combined)Calvert-Lewin (34.9)
10Team big chances (last 6 GWs)14
18 (joint second most)Big chances conceded (last 6 GWs)12
60%Win %21%
36%Clean sheet %15%
Bamford (6)Most big chances  
(last 6 GWs)
Wood (7)
Rodrigo (3)Most big chances created (last 6 GWs)McNeill (2)
Bamford (34.6)xFPL  (xG, xA and xCS combined)Wood (32.4)
15Team big chances (last 6 GWs)8 (joint third fewest)
22 (most)Big chances conceded (last 6 GWs)13
West HamvBrighton
43%Win %32%
31%Clean sheet %27%
Balbuena (3)Most big chances  
(last 6 GWs)
Maupay (4)
Bowen (2)Most big chances created (last 6 GWs)Wellbeck (2)
Ogbonna (29.2)xFPL  (xG, xA and xCS combined)Dunk (31.6)
12Team big chances (last 6 GWs)16
17Big chances conceded (last 6 GWs)11
LiverpoolvWest Brom
89%Win %6%
60%Clean sheet %7%
Firmino (6)Most big chances  
(last 6 GWs)
Bartley (2)
Robertson (3)Most big chances created (last 6 GWs)Pereira (1)
Firmino (34.9)xFPL  (xG, xA and xCS combined)Johnstone (29.2)
17Team big chances (last 6 GWs)4 (fewest)
16Big chances conceded (last 6 GWs)18 (joint second most)
27%Win %48%
29%Clean sheet %40%
Neto (3)Most big chances  
(last 6 GWs)
Son (3)
Neto (1)Most big chances created (last 6 GWs)Son (2)
Neto (30.7)xFPL  (xG, xA and xCS combined)Lloris (31.5)
8 (joint third fewest)Team big chances (last 6 GWs)9
11Big chances conceded (last 6 GWs)5 (joint third fewest)

Braveheart’s GW14 review:

I feared the worst at the start of the gameweek as a Salah owner (but not a captainer) as my rank plummetted on Saturday night. However, never count your money when you’re sitting at the table, and by the end of the gameweek I was left with a total of 83 points and a 300k green arrow to 400k. This was on the back of 34 points from Captain Bruno, 16 from Salah, 10 from Grealish, 6 from Targett, 5 from Taylor and 4 points from Calvert-Lewin. The week could have been much better if Ramsdale and Taylor could have held onto their clean sheets. Both conceeded after the 87th minute and were on for double digit hauls prior to the goals. Frustrating but I’m still very pleased with my week.

At the time of writing, the players on my “out list”:

  • Ramsdale – I’m wildcarding in GW16 so Ramsdale will stay this week,
  • Chillwell – Injured and we await news about how long he might be out for,
  • Mitchell – Bench fodder but has stopped playing and will be leaving my team on my wildcard so may use his space earlier than that,
  • Mahrez – he was rested against West Brom and has a one point cameo against Southampton, he is rotated too often to stay in my team.

Braveheart’s GW15 reveal:

I go into GW15 with 2 FTs and 0.0m in the bank. As I’m wildcarding next week I have the luxury of taking a couple of short-term moves. Depending on the Chilwell news, I will be doing one of the following doubles:

  • Chilwell (or Mitchell) and Mahrez OUT, Robertson and Soucek IN, or
  • Chilwell and Mahrez OUT, Dallas and Son IN.

If I make my preferred move this week (the first transfers assuming Chillwell is fit), my team for GW15 will be as follows:

  • Ramsdale v Everton (h)
  • Robertson v West Brom (h)
  • Chilwell (if fit) v Arsenal (a) (if not fit, then Walker-Peters v Fulham (a))
  • Targett v Crystal Palace (h)
  • Salah (captain) v West Brom (h)
  • Fernandes v Leicester (a)
  • Grealish v Crystal Palace (h)
  • Soucek v Brighton (h)
  • Kane v Wolves (a)
  • Calvert-Lewin v Sheffield United (a)
  • Bamford v Burnley (h)

The team is not set in stone until the deadline so please follow me at @FPLBraveheart on Twitter for any updates. All the best and I hope everyone reading gets green arrows in GW15. But, most importantly, stay safe out there (or, more accurately, at home)!

I plan on publishing a GW16 (wildcards and chips special) ahead of the GW16 deadline on Monday 28 December. So until then, stay safe and I hope everyone reading has a merry christmas!

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