Premier League GW5 – Starts 14th September 2019

Bournemouth are a team that will often have you scratching your head and that has certainly been the case, as they not only have had a largely indifferent start to this Premier League campaign, but they’ve also been a bit of a nightmare from an FPL point of view.

If we look at fantasy matters first, the Cherries are part of a quintet of clubs that have yet to keep a clean sheet this season and although they are joined by company such as Norwich and Watford, the fact that Chelsea and Tottenham are also in this group is perhaps more of a surprise.

With Bournemouth showing anything but a watertight defence thus far, they should be highly avoided when it comes to choosing a defender for your FPL teams this weekend but at the same time, they are a club that should be considered at the other end.

That’s because the Dorset outfit are the only club to have been involved in four both teams to score (BTTS) matches this season, so although they are leaky at one end and won’t provide a clean sheet bonus, they can at least offer some form of attacking points as a modicum of comfort.

It’s this topsy-turvy attitude to Bournemouth’s start which also makes them a team that you probably would not be all that confident in backing to get a result, due to the fact that they blow both hot and cold in equal measure.

For example. the first two weeks saw a home draw with Sheffield United, followed by an away win at fellow promoted side Aston Villa and although the defeat to Manchester City in week three was no real surprise, their performance against Leicester last time out certainly was.

Therefore, with only four points on the board from as many matches, manager Eddie Howe knows that his team will have to find some positive momentum soon and although they play host to Everton on Sunday, it could be another week at least before their season really gets going.


Here’s a quick one for all your goals fans and especially those who support Manchester City as well. Pep Guardiola’s men have already recorded 14 goals a season, which equates to an average of 3.5 per game.

In addition to that each of Manchester City’s league fixtures thus far have seen over 3.5 goals in total (including the opposition) and in one case, there were over 4.5 goals – this came in the opening weekend thrashing of West Ham at the London Stadium.

However, there is one other point that is of interest and that is the points per game (PPG) that Manchester City have racked up since the 2014/15 season and more importantly how it compares to their ‘Big Six’ rivals.

R Team PPG
1 Manchester City 2.22
2 Liverpool 1.96
3 Chelsea 1.94
4 Tottenham 1.92
5 Arsenal 1.86
6 Manchester United 1.84

As you can see Manchester City have picked up an average of 2.22 points per game since the start of the 2014/15 campaign and when you consider that there are only three points on offer for a win, it just highlights how dominant the Etihad outfit have been.

Once you step away from City at the top of the list, there is only 0.12 points separating the remaining five clubs and as you can see between Liverpool and Tottenham (with Chelsea in between) there are just 0.04 points difference between this trio.

The reason 2014/15 is the marker that has been chosen, is because this is when Mauricio Pochettino took charge of Tottenham and therefore it gives us the perfect reference point, to see just how well his Spurs sides have performed.

When you consider that Tottenham have not yet won a Premier League title, to earn that many PPG is quite the achievement, although it also proves that no matter how successful you may be in relative terms and they certainly have, the final step is always the most difficult to make.

Another thing to consider is the fact that overall Manchester City have played 190 less Premier League games than Tottenham and still have a better all-time PPG (1.619 to 1.536) – something that further reinforces just how dominant the defending champions have been over these past few years.

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