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Premier League GW20 – Saturday 28th December 2019

We all know that Boxing Day is the best bit about the Christmas celebrations and if it weren’t for the football, we’d probably be gorging on another tin of Quality Street and testing out the new Lynx Africa that you got from your Mum.

While even though December 26th has been consigned to the history books, there is no need to frown and especially when you consider that another gameweek is literally appearing on the horizon.

Which means if you are stuck with some family members and need something to talk about, why not reel off another raft of Premier League facts and figures. Something to really impress your Uncle Peter who is adamant that football was better in the 1970’s and with that said, it’s time for……

Did You Know?

Liverpool have won their last 16 home matches (Premier League). It’s an absolutely ludicrous statistic when spelt out like that and one that let’s be honest, will play a huge part in them being crowned this season’s champions.

Liverpool are now unbeaten in 35 Premier League matches – the third longest streak in Premier League history, the next target is Chelsea who went 40 games unbeaten between October 2004 and November 2005

Norwich have conceded at least 2 goals in their last 8 home matches (Premier League). Good news for Harry Kane who makes the trip to Carrow Road with Tottenham on Saturday evening.

The Canaries also have the longest current streak without a Premier League win. No win in their last six matches. Paging Dr Tottenham……

Tyrone Mings (Aston Villa) has blocked the most shots in the Premier League this season, with 29. Unfortunately for Villa, there is little time for praise as the West Midlands outfit find themselves in the bottom three.

Jefferson Lerma (Bournemouth) has picked up the most cautions this season with 8. Rumour has it, that he is actually a really nice guy and does a lot of charity work. However, he doesn’t really like to talk about it, in case it ruins his hardman image.

Kevin De Bruyne is the Premier League assist king with 10. To be honest, that’s no real great surprise, it’s more the fact that Trent Alexander-Arnold now has 8 at right back, will we see him deployed further up the field in the next few years?

On average Mohamed Salah has the most shots per game, with 3.9 – although he doesn’t seem to be as ruthless this season. That said, when there are so many other Liverpool players to pick up the load, it doesn’t seem to matter all that much.

48% – The percentage of goals that both Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Danny Ings have contributed to Arsenal and Southampton respectively. Anymore and both strikers run the risk of picking up a backache, after carrying their teams for so long.

Newcastle United have attempted the fewest passes per game in the Premier League this season, with 311.79. On the basis of their defending against Manchester United, I can begin to understand why.

While talking of Newcastle, they don’t seem to command much in the air and that’s because they have allowed their opponents the most headed attempts in the Premier League this season, with 54.

On the flipside, it seems that Manchester United have aerial supremacy and that’s because they have allowed their opponents the fewest headed attempts in the Premier League this season, with 19.

Jack Grealish (Aston Villa) has got fouled most often in the Premier League this season, with 79. Does he still have those kid sized shin pads? If so, I can begin to understand why he gets fouled so much.

Arsenal have received the most yellow cards in the Premier League this season, with 45. Is this something that Mikel Arteta is going to have to stamp out, or do the Gunners need more of a mean streak to shoot them up the Premier League table.

Manchester City have had the most shots per game in the Premier League this season, with 20.78. Nothing short of an absolute bombardment, although this figure equates for all chances and not just the ones that are on target.

Manchester City have had the most corners per game in the Premier League this season, with 8.83. I’d love to know what percentage of goals come directly from a corner. Does anyone have the answer to that, if so leave it in the comments below.

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