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Regardless of whether it’s Premier League or not, if there’s fantasy football betting on the cards; we’re there! The Champions League Round 16 Second Leg matches kick off on Tuesday, conjuring up the perfect mid-week remedy for our Fantasy Premier League withdrawal symptoms.

After a miserable weekend of betting we can’t wait to test out our managerial skills in Europe’s biggest competition and hopefully earn some consolation money to make up for Gameweek 28. As usual we’ve scoured the web for the best places to bet on Champions League fantasy football and have returned with a comprehensive list of daily fantasy football websites and tournaments.

To see our starting line ups for the tournaments on each website, visit our Twitter page.


woofbet logoWithout a doubt the best place to win money on Champions League fantasy football this weekend is To make up for an error with their mailing system last week, like FantasyBet, they’re showing that they value the user experience by hosting a FREE Champions League tournament with a €200 prizepool. Nice touch lads!

The tournament includes all Round 16 Second Leg matches and will come to a close on Wednesday 18th when the final whistle blows at Nou Camp to settle Manchester City’s fate. If you’re already excited about the potential of finishing 86th and cashing out €0.21 due to Woofbet’s trademark high payout percentage, then we’ve got some bad news for you. This week you’ll need to finish in the top 10% if you want a cut of the €200, which based upon their weekly average will mean beating 180 other managers, a harder task than usual but for a greater reward.

There’s no denying the importance of your captaincy decision in weekly FPL. Last week we saw the money being split between the managers who captained Cristiano Ronaldo, whilst the managers who trusted Lionel Messi and Arjen Robben to do the business looked on in despair. With a number of star players competing in must-win matches, we predict a lot of attacking football and therefore a lot of goals! If you don’t captain the highest scoring attacker this leg you can start waving goodbye to a cut of the prizepool, as you can guarantee at least 20 others will have! Let us know who you’re trusting to bring back double points in the comments.

To join the Champions League – €200 Freeroll click HERE.


fanaments fpl betting logoOnce again are providing unparalleled potential for returns with a trio of Fantasy Champions League betting tournaments, all of which caught our eye. If you use the beta code ‘FPLBet’ during registration you’ll be rewarded a free €10 bet, so despite a few of the tournaments mentioned below having an entrance fee, you won’t actually be paying a single penny towards it.

Here at FPLBet, we absolutely love a free bet… who doesn’t?! There’s nothing better than signing in to a Fantasy Premier League betting website and seeing our favourite word ‘freeroll’ marked next to a tournament. If there’s one website you can always rely on for a good free entry tournament it’s Fanaments, and they’re making no exceptions for the Champions League. For the cost of absolutely nothing you can be in for a chance of taking home €50 without investing anything but your Champions League knowledge, bargain!

As well as the freeroll, we also recommend two other tournaments. At the entrance cost of €8 (covered by using our beta code) you can join the Early Round and/or Late Round tournament(s). Early round refers to this weeks games and Late round – you guessed it – refers to next weeks games. Both of these tournaments have a substantial €100 up for grabs and with the lower amount of particiapants due to the entrance fee, we think they’re both worth a go due to their lessened amount of competition.

To join the CL Freeroll click HERE.
To join the CL Early Round click HERE.
To join the CL Late Round click HERE.


fantasyposh logoWe’re always open to new daily fantasy sports websites joining the emerging community and would therefore like to extend a big, warm, FPLBet welcome to They’re immediately hosting a variety of leagues and competitions including Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and so on. Go take a look at their website, join a few tournaments and give them some feedback – I’m sure they’ll appreciate it!

This week they have $10 to be split between the top 10 finishers in their free entry Champions League tournament. As it stands there are currently 13 users participating, meaning that you’ll only have to beat 3 others to pick up a $1. Not exactly the most lucrative returns but worth a pop for something to invest at the weekend.

To join the Champions League Freeroll click HERE.


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