Tournament Spotlight Gameweek 29 – Daily Fantasy Football

Fancy a free bet on this weekends fantasy football? Good! You’ve come to the right place. Whilst you lot have been feasting your eyes on some top notch Europe League football, we’ve been researching and plotting information in to a table. We think it’s pretty clear who’s had the better night…

Free entry tournaments, also referred to as freerolls, are by far the best place for aspiring fantasy footy managers, veterans and everybody in between to pocket some cash. The prizepools may not be as lucrative as they are for paid entry tournaments, but without an entry fee there’s nothing to lose except a few minutes deciding your teams.

This week there is £650 (after a rough currency conversion) and a signed shirt up for grabs across 10 different tournaments on 6 different daily fantasy football websites.

Without further ado, it brings us great happiness to present you with a table that consists of EVERY free entry Fantasy Premier League betting tournament for Gameweek 29. Feel free to thank us on Twitter or by sending us a cut of your winnings.

[ws_table id=”1″]


Thanks for reading our Fantasy Premier League Betting Tournament Spotlight for Gameweek 29. Written by @FPLBet.


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