Tournament Spotlight Gameweek 28 – Daily Fantasy Football

After a convincing opening week to FPLBet’s Fantasy Premier League betting career, we head in to Gameweek 28 full of optimism that we can turn more thin air in to real cash. Last weekend we took home a profit of £44.56 from 4 daily fantasy football websites having invested absolutely zilch.

Rather than getting ahead of ourselves and begin splashing our hard earned cash on tournament entries, we’ve decided to take another reserved approach to Gameweek 28 with the aim to continue building our profits without touching our existing balance. The beginning of a new month also gives us the opportunity to get involved in some month long tournaments, which will give us a chance to prove our managerial consistency and take home bigger prizepools.

To see our starting line ups for the tournaments on each website, visit our Twitter page.


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Once again the ever-generous guys at Woofbet are giving away HUGE prizes for FREE entry tournaments. This weekend they have a whopping €500 up for grabs in their month-long March’s Best Manager tournament, and another €300 in the prizepool for their Gameweek 28 Full Round Freeroll tournament. With a total of €800 to be won, we’re carefully constructing our teams for this weekend and will be devastated if we finish outside the top 100 again. With fewer days to enter both there could be fewer opponents to compete against, increasing your chances of cashing in after Gameweek 28 ends on Saturday, so get choosing now!

March’s Best Manager is likely to host hundreds of managers battling for their cut of the winnings. When selecting your teams it’s important you pay attention to squad depth and rotation options, in other words; make sure you can field a solid team for all Gameweeks rather than just Gameweek 28, so maybe take a long look at the fixture list in this coming month, and possibly bear in mind that Champions League and F.A. cup ties may cause squad rotations.

The managerial battling ground that is the WooFBet Full Round Freeroll returns to shatter the dreams of many young hopefuls. With the most widespread payout percentage across every tournament on every Fantasy Premier League betting website, we’re hoping to at least garner a few euros from this one. Last week even 75th place was cashing in €0.22 whilst we looked miserably on in a not to commendable 157th.

To enter: March’s Best Manager – Free Entry – €500 Prizepool – Click HERE
To enter: Full Round – Free Entry – €300 Prizepool – Click HERE


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New boys Fanaments are once again staking a claim in the Fantasy Premier League betting market by offering another lucrative array of prizepools with affordable buy ins. This week there are two tournaments that have once again caught our attention as excellent potential for returns with no investment. If you use the beta code ‘FPLBet’ during registration you’ll be rewarded a free €10 bet, so despite one of the tournaments mentioned above being €5 to enter, you won’t be paying a single penny towards it.

With more and more managers flocking to the website each week, now’s the perfect time to capitalize on the free entry tournaments before they’re crammed full of hundreds of hopeful managers. With the number of participants growing significantly each week, you’d be mad not to get involved in their Midweek Freeroll tournament that currently hosts the lowest number of managers across every free entry tournament you’ll find online.

We’re also hoping for a second coming of glory in the Midweek Madness tournament after finishing 2nd and cashing in €55.85 in Gameweek 26. But don’t expect this to be a walk in the park, as you’ll need to beat just under a hundred other managers to a top 10 finish if you want to take home a decent percentage of the healthy €200 prizepool.

To enter: Midweek Freeroll – Free Entry – €50 Prizepool – Click HERE
To enter: Midweek Madness – €5 Entry – €200 Prizepool – Click HERE


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We return to FantasyBet as winners after last week cashing in £1.88 on the Lucky Flash Freeroll. This week we’ve participated in the same tournaments and hope to build on our recent successes. Everybody who participated in last week’s tournaments received a free £5 bet today to compensate for their website not updating the live scores correctly during gameweek 27. It’s nice to see they appreciate their users and care about user experience.

Last week we thrived off the enjoyment that Flash Freeroll unexpectedly brought us and loved the concept of having 3 minutes to pick a team. This week, whilst staring at our team auto-selected team (because we weren’t quick enough during selection) we cannot express the same feelings. If you can pick your team from a randomly generated list within 3 minutes then you’ll stand a HUGE chance of getting a payout this weekend. If not, you’ll probably finish somewhere near us.

FantasyBet’s Midweek Freeroll is also worth a punt for free money’s sake. If you’re looking to make something out of nothing, then it pays to take time entering all competitions. As it stands only 25 users have submitted their teams and with time quickly running out, you may stand more chance winning this week due to managers failing to make the deadline.

We’ve entered both tournaments and also set aside our free £5 for any last minute buy-in tournaments that catch our eye in the run up to the team submission deadline. If there’s any with a low amount of users and a high prizepool we plan to pounce with our fiver in hand.

To enter: Midweek Freeroll – Free Entry – £50 Prizepool – Click HERE
To enter: Lucky Flash Freeroll – Free Entry – £50 Prizepool – Click HERE


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Last week the guys at Football Fanager generously handed us a £10 free bet to use on tournaments as they had no available free entry ones. We decided ahead of Gameweek 28 that we wouldn’t use it all at once and instead invest £5 and carry £5. This decision paid off as last week we had a shocking managerial debut that we’d rather not talk about. This week we’re taking our £5, investing £2 and frugally carrying over £3 over to Gameweek 29.

As it stands there are only 5 managers registered in this week’s £2 entry EPL Gameweek 28 tournament on Football Fanager and with the team submission deadline fast approaching, we think you should claim one of the remaining 20 slots.

The tournament has an entry limit of 25 managers, meaning you’ll only have to see off 22 at most to get your hands on a percentage of the winnings. This makes it one of the lowest competition tournaments and therefore one of the best chances of seeing some returns.

To enter: EPL Gameweek 28 – £2 Entry – £50 Prizepool – Click HERE


[mks_button size=”large” title=”PlayON” style=”squared” url=”” target=”_blank” bg_color=”#2caa2e” txt_color=”#0a0a0a” icon=”” icon_type=””]

Without a doubt the two hardest free entry competitions to profit from this Gameweek, but still worth a go just incase it’s your lucky day. PlayON has 2 more tournaments that require you following/liking their social media pages to enter, this week they are both Winner Takes All, so you’ll need to finish 1st if you want the money.

As this Gameweek starts just 2 days after the last ended there’s a chance your odds of winning could increase, with the possibility of a lot of managers forgetting to enter teams in time. However, PlayON have clearly predicted this and lowered their prizepools accordingly. Once again, we don’t expect to come first, but if we do you can expect to hear about it for days to come.

To enter: Twitter Winner Takes All – Free Entry – £50 Prizepool – Click HERE
To enter: Facebook Winner Takes ALL – Free Entry – £50 Prizepool – Click HERE


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We’re debuting FanFeud this week after missing it off our tournament spotlight for Gameweek 27. Unlike any of the other game websites on this list, FanFeud requires you to pick any 5 players from 1 match and the manager whose 5 players score the highest takes the £10.

It might be worth a little go at this weekend, as each fixture for Gameweek 28 has £10 up for grabs. We’ve picked our 5 players for each match and are hopeful that we can win a tenner on at least one of the games.

To enter: Individual Matches – Free Entry – £10 Prizepool – Click HERE


  1. Excellent variety of tournaments, across a number of websites. Enough free entry tournaments here to earn a small fortune. Great work!!

  2. Woofbet! I like the look of their ‘March Best Manager’ competition!

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