Tournament Spotlight Gameweek 27 – Daily Fantasy Football

The time has come for us to ‘put our money where our mouth is’ and use our carefully researched advice and tips to start pursuing a long and fruitful career as a fantasy football manager. With the aim of turning thin air in to cash using nothing but our Fantasy Premier League knowledge, we’re going to prove that it’s possible to make being a fantasy football manager your full time job.

Ahead of this weekend we’ve registered an account on EVERY Fantasy Premier League betting website. With a whopping £0 budget set aside for tournament buy-in’s, we’re going to begin our journey by entering a range of free entry tournaments across multiple daily fantasy football websites. Our aim for this weekend is to have earned something out of nothing. A modest and very vague goal to say the least!

To see our starting line ups for the tournaments on each website, visit our Twitter page.

Football Fanager
EPL Week 27 – £5 Entry – £150 Prizepool

Somewhere on the grapevine the guys over at Football Fanager heard about our little quest for FPL betting domination and reached out to us. With no free entry tournaments on their website this weekend, they dug deep in their pockets and handed over a generous £10 free bet – a nice little gesture that we very much appreciated.

After a brief scroll through the tournament page we found one with a £5 entry fee and a fixed £150 prizepool. We decided that rather than smashing the whole tenner in to a bigger tournament, we’d invest half this week and carry the other over to next weekend – Our mothers would be so proud!

The tournament is capped at 30 managers, which encourages creative team selections by eliminating the risk of being left behind by hundreds of template teams. To see some returns you’ll need to finish in the top 3, which is a tough challenge but one that we accept.

Weekly Madness – €5 Entry – €250 Prizepool

The first thing you probably noticed about this tournament is that it has a €5 entrance fee… well go on FPLBet, explain yourself?! Fanaments are offering a FREE €10 bet for anybody who signs up using the “FPLBet” beta key code during registration. So although it costs €5 to enter this tournament, you won’t actually have to deposit that yourself. They also have a referral scheme, so if you invite a mate and they join, you get a free €15 bet. So sign yourselves up quick and convince football fanatic mates to do the same! We tested this earlier and our budget now sits at a solid €15; ready to be invested on our team!

As Fanaments are the newest website to the market their tournaments typically pick up slightly less participants. This is great news as it means everybody who gets involved at this early stage is in with a greater chance of winning! Last weekend their Weekly Madness tournament saw 73 managers gunning for a top 15 finish and cut of the prizepool.

There’s also the option to submit multiple teams to this tournament. So if you’re undecided on your line up, or like us want to have one safety team and one gamble team, then the option is there at the cost of another €5. That’s not too bad considering you get €10 free for using our code!

Double or Nothing – Free Entry – £50 Prizepool

The generous old chaps at FantasyBet have only gone and hosted 2 free entry tournaments for this weekend. The one that immediately grabbed our attention was the Double or Nothing – Flash Freeroll. With a love for double or nothing tournaments and absolutely no idea what the flash meant before freeroll, we clicked enter. Next thing we know there’s a timer counting down from 2 minutes and a randomly generated list of players to pick from. An exciting 1 minute and 53 seconds later our makeshift team was complete. Give it a try, but maybe prepare yourselves first!

To stand a chance of winning some cash all you need to do is finish in the top half, simple… right? Regardless of whether we do or not this weekend, we took more than enough enjoyment from the team selection process.

The second free entry tournament we joined on FantasyBet was a slightly less intense weekly freeroll, with a full roster of players and no submission time limit. This tournament operates a progressive payout system as opposed to double or nothing, meaning you’ll need to finish in a UEFA spot to at least take home a few quid.

Full Round – Free Entry – €300 Prizepool

This weekend WooFBet are once again hosting their weekly freeroll competition that gives managers the chance to compete for €300 despite not paying a single penny (or should we say cent?) to enter. This is the biggest free entry prizepool across every Fantasy Premier League betting website this weekend, so if there’s one tournament you need to apply your stroke of managerial genius to; it’s this one!

When you’re giving away this much money for free on a regular basis it’s obviously not going to be un-contended. Hundreds of fantasy managers return to WooFBet each week to get their hands on the illustrious prizepool, making it a battle ground for managers old and new. 

Don’t let that put you off though. Despite the fact you’ll be coming up against hundreds of other managers, it’s also one the most likely tournaments you’ll pick up some returns from. This is because WooFBet – contenders for the most generous website award – offer an absolutely massive payout percentage. Last week even 73rd place cashed in €0.41. To win enough money to invest in to their lowest buy-in tournament next gameweek you’ll need to aim for a finish within the top 34, sounds achievable… right?

WHUFC Tournament – Free Entry – £100 Prizepool + WHUFC Signed Shirt

MondoGoal have teamed up with their partners West Ham United ahead of gameweek 27 to offer £100 in prizes and a signed Hammers shirt. We will never turn down the opportunity of winning free money, but the fact up to 500 West Ham fans will be flooding the tournament to win the shirt means the potential for returns here will be very tough.

To finish in the top 14 and receive your cut of the £100 your team will need to perform flawlessly over the weekend. Your defenders will have to pick up clean sheet points and your attackers will have to start tallying up goals and assists from the moment the whistles blown. Not to mention the decision of unparalleled importance; your captaincy choice. If your captain isn’t one of the highest scoring players of the weekend, then you might as well start waving goodbye to a top 14 finish.

Free tournaments are always worth a punt, and even if you’re not West Ham fan a signed shirt would still be an added bonus – just think how great it would be to have Andy Carroll’s signature above your fireplace at home.

Facebook/Twitter Tournament – Free Entry – £100 Prizepool

Each gameweek PlayON offer free entry to two individual social media tournaments, both with a £100 prizepool. What are the conditions? You simply have to like their Twitter page to be granted free entry to the £100 Twitter tournament and you can probably guess how to join their Facebook one…

There’s already over a hundred managers in both tournaments, and to make things even harder the tournament operates on a winner takes all pay-out system. That’s right, you’ll have to beat every single participating manager to get your hands on that exclusive £100. We don’t really rate the returns or expect to finish top, but how can you win if you don’t take a chance?


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