Introducing #DFF – Daily Fantasy Football

We are surely not the only group of fantasy football addicts who spend some of their time with their hands and face pressed up against the glass drooling at the large prizes available for our U.S based counterparts. Whilst we are playing for a first prize of £250 those in the US are paying $25 to enter a tournament and walking away with a cool $1 million.

The chance of these sites opening up to people based outside of the U.S and Canada would appear to be slim. If the truth were known, even if they did, we know next to nothing about American sports.

So how do the daily fantasy football betting sites that can be accessed by U.K residents get to a point where they can do the same. How do they increase the number of people playing their tournaments to the levels required?

There are a lot of variables and we bet there are a lot of you out there – who like us – think they have a lot of the answers, but are struggling to be heard.

We know that some may disagree with our views about the direction the industry should take but what nobody can disagree with is we need a lot more dialogue.

Dialogue between the daily fantasy football sites, the people who play, the bloggers and tipsters but more importantly we need to hear from those people that don’t yet play.

At the moment the dialogue is getting lost in a sea of either #FPL (the official season long Fantasy Premier League game) or #DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports which are predominantly focused on the U.S) based discussion.

Something needs to change.

We here at fplbet in conjunction with Mondogoal, Fanaments, Premier Punt, Football Fanager, Fantasy Football Exchange and FantasyBet propose that the Twitter hashtag #DFF (Daily Fantasy Football) be used to categorise future relevant discussions. This will help people easily find topics they want to get involved with and thus increase the dialogue.

If you want to see the industry grow then it’s over to you, if you want to help then here is your call to action:

1) Anytime you discuss Daily Fantasy Football topics on Twitter use #DFF.

2) Tweet this article and show your support by using the #DFF hashtag.

3) Tell other people about #DFF and what it means.

Below are what the #DFF sites have to say about this initiative:

“Mondogoal is excited to be apart of the #DFF initiative to help grow the daily fantasy industry in the United Kingdom and beyond.  We’ve already joined forces with some of the top clubs in the world – including Chelsea, Barcelona & Manchester City – to help us spread the word about the growing phenomenon of daily fantasy football.  

“With the FPL community coming on board and helping us grow via #DFF, it won’t be long until we progress from our £30,000 Fantasy Championship this weekend to the 1 million pot sizes you are familiar with in the U.S.”  Mondogoal

“It is time for daily fantasy football to be recognised as the future of fantasy football and to step out of the shadow of the traditional season-long format’. We have started to use #DFF to distinguish ourselves from the season-long #FPL format and will encourage others within the daily fantasy football community to do the same.” – Premier Punt

“With Daily Fantasy Football still in its infancy stage in the UK, the key to helping the concept grow is via word of mouth and education!  By using the new #DFF hashtag, we can begin to create a community across the social media networks, allowing new users to learn and understand the fun that DFS can bring to your fantasy football skill-set.”  Football Fanager

“FFE is working hard to be at the forefront of #DFF and with fplbet and this new community, it will be even greater.” – Fantasy Football Exchange

“Daily Fantasy Football is the future of fantasy and the discussion and banter is all part of the excitement on game days. Introducing #DFF will make it easier for everyone to get involved in the fun.” – FantasyBet

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  1. Nice article Dan. Cracking idea to try and build a daily fantasy football community on Twitter, should help separate DFF chat from FPL chat on match days!

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