Gameweek 22: Win Money Playing Fantasy Premier League

This weekend our daily fantasy football partners Bet4theBest will be hosting another five contests for gameweek 22, with prizes ranging from £100 to £600.

Fplbet’s self-confessed Bet4theBest experts Jamie & Clarke have teamed up to share their tips, strategy and provisional lineups ahead of this weekend’s Premier League football.

Both have been playing on the site since the beginning and are regular names throughout the leaderboards. Using this experience, the pair have become adept at constructing sides to take advantage of Bet4theBest’s unique platform to win cash prizes on a weekly basis.

Jamie’s Provisional XI:


  1. Load up on the maximum allowed players (4) from Chelsea & Liverpool ahead of their home fixtures to Hull & Swansea respectively.
  2. Bet4theBest allows you to enter a team ahead of any fixture, therefore most managers miss the early kick-off to see the lineups to all of the 3pm matches. This made Kane a great differential last weekend, and Liverpool players this weekend.
  3. Selecting a differential captain is an excellent way to gain points on your competitors. This week there is question marks over whether Costa will start, I’m putting all my eggs in one basket and making him my captain.


  1. The fantasy purists tend to avoid choosing players who are listed in a different position to FPL which creates interesting differentials. Keep an eye on Pedro (ST), Firmino (ST) & Sterling (ST).
  2. Some teams are fixture proof and free scoring, just because they face a side in the top six it doesn’t necessarily hinder their potential. I expect Spurs to capitalise on City’s shaky backline.
  3. Block the big names and earn points with your differentials. A differential is only a good choice is he outscores the popular pick.

Clarke’s Provisional XI:


  1. Stacking up on attacking defenders. They are awarded 8pts for a goal and 5pts for an assist, compared to a midfielders 5pts for a goal and just 2pts for an assist. Extra points for a clean sheet and offsides provoked adds to their attractiveness.
  2. Including a big differential (Sergio Aguero) in my front three as most will steer clear of the out of favour forward as he plays Tottenham. I’m hoping he can take advantage of a reshuffled backline following Jan Vertonghen’s injury and build on his 10 goals in 10 games against Spurs.
  3. Going with the crowd for the majority of my picks and aiming to climb the leaderboard with a handful of set-piece taking differentials; Phillips is on corners for a towering West Brom side reliant on this type of service, Baines is a designated penalty/free-kick taker, while David Luiz is a threat at dead ball situations, whether it being taking them or getting on the other end.


  1. Take advantage of Bet4theBest’s defender heavy scoring system by favouring a formation which includes more defenders over the most frequently used 3-4-3. You can even field a back six in B4B, and although it’s proved successful in the past, it’s slightly overkill!
  2. Captain a player in the early kick-off can have huge benefits. Personally, I always enter a team in the lower-stake contests with some early kick-off players, including a captain.
  3. Prioritise full-backs over centre-backs to increase your chances of an assist. Keep an eye on individuals who play as wingbacks, the likes of Alonso and Baines being no-brainers. If selecting a CB, make sure they are an aerial threat – Van Dijk, Dann, Cahill are good examples.

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