Football Index Review

What is Football Index?

Football Index, to put it simply, is like a stock market for football, where users can trade professional football players. Available both as an app in the iOS platform and a website that can be accessed via any browser, Football Index has grown to be extremely popular among football lovers in less than five years. You can join Football Index here.

Traders on the platform also have the opportunity to earn dividends on footballers who are ranked high in the Match Day Ranking list or the Media Ranking list – lists available on the platform.

It was founded by Adam Cole in 2015, with its headquarters in the United Kingdom. Currently, it is owned by Fame Ventures who holds the platform’s software license.

Football Index is quickly gaining fans ever since it was introduced to the public in 2015. As of January 2018, the football stock market had more than 100,000 users, and it announced that it was looking to expand to other countries such as Sweden and Canada.

How does it work?

As mentioned before, Football Index works exactly like the stock market. However, instead of shares being traded, football players are traded by the users. Just like a normal stock market, the idea is that you buy shares in football players you think will have a great season ahead or those who will get positive media attention, and you sell them later at a higher price, thereby earning profits.

For example, Liverpool FC’s forward Mo Salah’s shares were sold for less than £2.00 when he joined the club. Today, these shares are worth more than £10.00 each, meaning that those traders who invested in him earned a profit of more than five times. Take into consideration that the time period was just one year, and it’s not difficult to see how lucrative Football Index can be for those who have a deep understanding of the football world.

Top 200 list and Squad Players list

Football Index has lists called “Top 200” and “Squad Players,” which are the most popular ways of finding football players to buy shares in. It is to be noted that potential players traders may buy shares in are referred to as futures.

Top 200 consists of a list of the top two-hundred football players who were sold for the highest prices the previous day. It gets automatically updated at midnight every day. As expected, many of the players found in this list are the world’s top players like Lionel Messi, Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo and more.

The Squad Players list, on the other hand, consists of all the remaining players that did not make it to the top 200 players. The number of football players that can be found here keeps increasing day by day. Currently, there are about 2000 players listed on the Squad Players list.

Above each list, you have the search box, where you can type in players’ names and look for them. Each list shows the names of the players, their pictures, the club they play for, their highest prices and the percentage by which the prices of their shares are either rising or falling. You also have Buy and Sell buttons, which you can simply tap or click on if you want to sell or purchase shares. You can then choose how many shares you want to buy. In one transaction, there is a limit to how many shares one trader can buy or sell. As of now, that limit is 100 shares.

You also have a Portfolio section, where you can see the Football index portfolio of all the players listed on the platform. This shows the number of shares which are currently held for each of the players, their current values, the amount that they were bought and sold for, as well as profit and loss. You have the option of buying and selling shares from the Portfolio tab too.

Media Rankings and Match Day Rankings

As we have mentioned before, Football Index has two live rankings known as Media Rankings and Match Day Rankings, through which traders on the platform can earn dividends. This is another way of making money besides the usual buying and selling of shares in football players.

Media Rankings consists of a list of football players who are most commonly featured in the media. So, the more a player is written about in the papers and websites, the higher his Media Ranking will be. Football Index relies on a large number of sources to create this ranking, including reputable websites such as BBC, Sky Sports and Talksport.

So, a dividend is paid out on each share when a football player tops the Media Rankings. If there is a match occurring, only the number one rank earns a dividend. However, on other days when there is no match happening, the top three ranked players earn a dividend. On match day, dividends are earned at 5p per share, but on a non-match day, they are paid out at 2p, 5p and 8p per share.

Match Day Rankings, on the other hand, relies on the performance of the players. On every match day, Football Index uses statistics from OPTA. The rankings are divided into Top Midfielder, Top Forward, Top Goalkeeper or Defender and Star Footballer.

Match Day Rankings was introduced by Football Index in 2017. The amount of dividend depends on the number of eligible games that are played that day, and they can range anywhere from 2p to 12p.

What makes Football Index so unique

The basic functioning of Football Index makes it different from any other sports betting apps or websites. Instead of placing your bets on the results of a game, you buy football players who you believe will perform well and trade them later for a higher price. This makes Football Index the first football stock market in the world.

A great way to earn profits for those who have great interest and knowledge in the football world, Football Index has been consistently earning positive reviews from users. Many claims that the sheer amount of potential profit one can make from the platform is enticing enough.

In order to start trading, you need to set up an account with Football Index. Once you register, you have the option of trading risk-free to a maximum of £500 for seven days. You can make a deposit as low as £10 to get started, slowly building up your portfolio. If, after the seven days, you decide that Football Index isn’t for you, you can send an email notifying them of the same. Your account will be terminated, and the entire amount of £500 will be refunded to your bank account.


Football Index is a simple, yet exciting way to profit from your passion. For anyone who is interested in football, even if you are not an expert, it’s still a great way to make some extra money. The best part is that as long as you trade carefully and sensibly, there aren’t huge risks involved.

Many traders who have been using the platform for years say that they have never faced any issue while withdrawing money; the money is quickly transferred to their bank accounts. Keeping all these in mind, it’s safe to say that Football Index may soon grow bigger than it already is.

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