Fantasy sports grows larger with each year that passes and as the appeal grows, so too does the plethora of platforms available for players to play.

One of the market leaders is undoubtedly FanTeam despite being one of the newer entries in this ever-crowded landscape. Their focus rests primarily on European football. They don’t currently cater to the American market, which means you won’t find games related to NFL, MLB, NBA or MLS. However, what you will find are major European competitions, such as the Premier League, La Liga, and Bundesliga.

There has been no information to suggest that FanTeam will be broadening its horizons any time soon. Therefore, the American fantasy sports leagues are still a distant thought. As of now, FanTeam is heavily invested in expanding its live tournaments and the amount per prize for all its European football offerings, which for those of us in the UK is great news!

There have been some rumours concerning the inclusion of Poker and Hockey, but these have been unsubstantiated at the time of writing. FanTeam’s success is driven by the fact that European fans are too frustrated with elements such as constant injuries and seasonal drafts. A situation that FanTeam has solved by providing users with a platform that helps them subsequently select the best available players.

How it works

The site offers twelve football leagues, namely the English Premier League, Scottish Premiership, Germany Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League, Sweden Allsvenskan & Superettan, Norwegian Tippeligaen & OBOS, Turkey Super Lig, and Finland Veikkausliiga.

The platform is a multi-sport platform, and as stated earlier, it will soon begin to accommodate other sports. 

FanTeam is fairly easy to use, especially if you’re someone who has been playing fantasy football for a while. The concept is simple – you select your players and form a team while trying to stick within budget.

You have the tournament selection, which is similar to online poker and here you will have a lobby where you can choose tournament levels according to other properties and buy-in levels.

Score calculation is almost identical to the official fantasy premier league game. Therefore, if you are used to those rules, FanTeam will be easy to get to grips with. For more details on this rule, visit

FanTeam follows a dynamic approach for player pricing. The price for each player changes in accordance with who the opponent is. For example, if Arsenal is playing at home, their pricing would be very different compared to when they’re playing away. What this means is that a player’s price can go up if they’re playing against easier opposition but go down when faced with a tougher opponent.

A third party called Oddsmodel AS sets the prices and also, creates the live events.

How to set up Fanteam

1. Choosing your tournament

Choosing your tournament on FanTeam is fairly simple. The site offers a very slick and usable layout that makes the process of picking your game extremely easy. There are 17 leagues to choose from, including the and Premier League, La Liga and Serie A.

You have the option of being able to choose an entire season for play, or you can choose to play on a game by game basis.

2. Picking teams

Like most DFS sites, FanTeam places a limit on how much you can spend on drafting players. There’s a budget that you have to follow. This is nothing new, and most DFS players are used to it. These limits exist for a reason – to help level the field and ensure that one customer doesn’tmanage to compile too strong a team . Also, it forces customers to be creative in the team selection.

While in terms of , picking teams, this is not something that is necessarily a hard task.. You have in-depth player statistics to guide and help you make those key decisions.

3. Creating a tournament

 When it comes to FanTeam there is a large element of flexibility. The process of creating your own team is one that is relatively easy and it doesn’t matter what your preference is in terms of entering tournaments, there is something available for everyone

There is no standard formation limit either. You have choices such as 6-a-side, a flexi-six, a flexi-five, and 5-a-side.

You can also design custom tournaments, that can vary in length from a single week to a whole season and in addition to this,. you can also choose to make them either public or private.

Other offerings

One of the best features about FanTeam is around the clock support. No matter what your issue is and regardless of the time of the day, they will be on hand to offer any and all support that you require.

FanTeam also offers multiple entry options. This means you can pick your best performing players and enter them into the same event more than once. Therefore, if you have a formed a strong team, you can then leverage them to secure as many wins as possible.

In addition to this, there is the FanTeam search tool, one that allows users to carry out filtered searches. This means you can look for specific tournaments and choose them based on whether they suit your particular approach to the game.

What can I win on Fanteam?

It’s no mystery that bonuses and promotions serve as excellent incentives to draw in potential users. FanTeam is well aware of this fact and that’s exactly why the site offers a 200% bonus on deposits of 10€ or higher (up to a maximum of 500€).

The best part about this promotion is that it isn’t exclusive to new customers because FanTeam believes loyal fans should also be rewarded, as without them there is no game to play.

You also have the opportunity to acquire freerolls for any week. Apart from that, new players are invited to participate in the competition for free. This is an excellent way to draw in new customers and make them experience daily fantasy sports.

Although this is a great feature, there is a slight drawback and that is FanTeam’s variety of free tournaments aren’t as great as what you find on other DFS sites. However, this isn’t necessarily a major issue, because the fee for paid tournaments isn’t exorbitant.

Pros and cons of Fanteam

In conclusion, FanTeam is professional, slick and very usable. There are plenty of football leagues to choose from, which is the point of a DFS site. The exclusivity towards European football makes it a perfect DFS for the global market.

In terms of negatives. Well, there are currently only three sports to choose from, which I do expect to change, especially as the platform continues to grow. Also, the community is still quite small, which can lessen your enjoyment up to a point. Lastly, there aren’t many free games, which may mean newcomers fail to convert into regular and loyal fans.

That was our brief review on FanTeam and I hope this give you some context as to what Fanteam is and how you can get started. However, if you feel you still require further information , we suggest you check their website for more details.

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