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    NaturalFootballFan June 26, 2015 at 4:54 pm

    RECOMMENDED XI in full.

  2. Thank You.
    During the 2014/15 Ligue 1 season I constructed club profiles for every side, which helped extend my knowledge of the league and the players. If you are interested, you can follow this link for the profiles;

    In the opening battle between the two newcomers we feel that Troyes will be too strong for GFCO Ajaccio, as they proved in Ligue 2 last season;

    2014/15 Stats
    Troyes GFCO Ajaccio
    Goals for 61 49
    Goals Against 24 37
    Average Goals per Game 1.80 0.84

    Taking this into account, a clean-sheet looks on the cards for Troyes which is why we have backed this pair in our reccomendations. Combine this with their low price tag and they might be worth considering.

    Thanks again and stay tuned for next weeks Ligue 1 article.

  3. Quite a lenghty response but…

    I would definitely welcome the ‘Late Swap’ feature into the UK market for DFF. I agree with Jamie that something has to be implemented to allow some leeway. Something to fall back on when selecting a player with an injury concern or even a risky punt on a youngster. It will create a more diverse game where players, both casual and pro, will more frequently select the player they truly wanted and not the safe/guaranteed option.

    I am a player who does the research, I look at the stats and I form a list of possible players for each position. However, as I mentioned before, I often notice that my final draft differs slightly from my favoured draft. This is due to the fact that I edit my team to include guaranteed starters over riskier options. A late swap feature would put an end to this and allow for a quick change.

    From a personal point of view, another major reason why I support the ‘Late Swap’ feature is because I play football every weekend for a local team (mostly 3pm kick-off). This often leaves me unable to enter weekend competitions, as I cannot risk entering early in the morning and then setting off without even a peek at the team sheets. Every week I am forced to ignore ‘Late Start’ comps due to the kick off time clashing with my local sides. It feels extremely peculiar that my DFF squads can be negatively affected by me actually playing the game itself! The worrying thing is that I must be one of hundreds who feel this way and continue skipping these contests week in, week out. Late Swap would not completely eradicate this problem, but it does mean that you could make necessary adjustments to your squad for Sundays fixtures to make up for the players missing out on Saturday starting XI’s.

    I would like to mention that I am not a fan of the ‘Bench’ idea as it just complicates things further. A big attraction of DFF sites is the simplicity of picking your starting XI and not having to worry about saving spare cash for players who, will most likely, not even feature. Late swap does not cause this headache and keeps it straightforward and slick when making changes. You only get the opportunity to swap players when it’s actually needed and It also avoids the further complication of a separate budget etc.

    Overall I feel that if the UK sites follow DraftKings ‘Late Swap’ approach, it will be a great success. It will create a more aggressive & competitive playing field where more risks/hunches can be taken by managers without paying the consequences.

  4. For me it has to be Sergio Aguero. After his disappointing display vs. Arsenal, he has had an extra week to regain sharpness and should be firing on all cylinders now… I also feel the need to justify spending 13.1m to transfer him in. Sunderland have conceded the most goals in the PL this season & their 8-0 hammering by Southampton last year always comes to mind.

  5. I’ll be sticking with Sergio Aguero… after being very lucky for his captaincy to be passed onto Harry Kane in Gameweek 18! Having not featured on Saturday and the fact that Man City sneak in an extra days rest (playing on the Tuesday), I am keeping faith in the Argentine.

  6. Glen Johnson has been a reliable performer in my FPL side this season. Always reliable for a Clean Sheet (8 in his last 10 matches) and also chips in with the odd assist. A great differential. playing for a consistently solid club.

  7. Yes the time is right to begin filtering in a Southampton defender or two in FPL. I will definitely be keeping an eye on both Cuco Martina & Virgil Van Dijk in the near future. Liverpool look good as a short-term option for GW19.

  8. I strongly agree that the UI & live tracking feature needs revamped. First of all, in the team view mode, it displays player’s season points total; this is helpful when selecting your team, however when the contest has started it’s more essential (as a daily fantasy football site) to keep track of current GW scores. At the moment this is confusing as you have to click on each player individually to view GW running total, when preferably this number is visible.

    As Jamie said above, it’s exciting to watch the live scoring unfold. However, at the minute, I am prone to locking in my B4TB side before KO and then logging out. Ideally you want players to stick around and follow the scores updating, which has been massively successful on sites such as Mondogoal where players are liable to stay logged in, throughout the day, and are able to switch between contests and compare their points to other competitors with ease.


    Positives (+)

    The basics are there;

    -Free Salary Pricing
    -No Entry Limit Barriers (No rushing to get a place in contests)
    -Unique features (Instant Bet, MVP, Fantasy Derbies etc.)

    Negatives (-)

    UI is overall very cluttered, difficult to familiarise to;

    -Confusing to Follow Live Scoring (replace ‘total season score’, with ‘GW running total’)
    -To Remove players you have to search or scroll to their name (why not include an *X* above player image to remove)
    -Unable to compare team with other competitors (a side-by-side view would be a big improvement)
    -No Top Headings on ‘team contests’ page. (Why not include ‘My Lineups’ & ‘My Entries’ to simplify things)
    -Scoring needs tweaked (Jamie has made some great points on this, assists for MID/FOR are almost irrelevant)
    -Well Informed blog, however it’s almost impossible to find & doesn’t have a heading or link connecting it to main site.

    Despite the vast improvements which need to be put in place, I’ve been a regular on B4TB & think it has big potential. Hopefully our feedback will prove constructive. Thanks a lot for providing a unique DFF site and good luck for expanding in the future. See you around, NFF!

  9. I’m still undecided between the two front-runners, Mesut Ozil and Riyad Mahrez. Will definitely be one of them, but will make final decision nearer the time!

  10. Thanks a lot Callum, I’m still working on finding the perfect balance between the two. Yes the Stoke defence is a solid choice, especially when playing a Tony Pulis side. Tottenham are a great FPL option for the next few weeks, but let’s wait and see how they handle Lukaku in Gameweek 20 first!

  11. I’ll be replacing him with Odion Ighalo. He is more important to his club than any other striker in the Prem (scored 56% of Watford’s goals). They look to feed the ball to him at every opportunity, in every match and Deeney’s link-up play is just another positive.
    At 6.3m, Ighalo offers incredible value and allows you to spend big in other areas.

  12. I’ve voted Sergio Aguero. He appears back to full fitness and has contributed with a goal or assist in each of his last 3 appearances… and that’s him just warming up. Unstoppable on his day against any opponent!

  13. Great article Callum. I like Afobe for Mondogoal, was very lively in GW22 and his link up play was great. Also Arsenal & Chelsea aren’t involved in the Saturday slate, so his big price tag shouldn’t be a problem. Hopefully he recovers in time.

    I reckon Steven Naismith is definitely worth keeping an eye on. Norwich have created the chances this season, however they have struggled for goals with Mbokani & Jerome about as far away from clinical as you can get! I can see him playing through the middle, but as you said, just have to wait and see.

  14. Great stuff Dan, my key FPL moment was Aguero highlighting that he is ‘must-have’ material. With his lung-busting sprint and assist in the 83rd minute for Silva, it’s safe to say he’s back to full fitness, it’s just a question of, can he stay fit?
    If he’s 100% fit, I’ll captain him, simple as that – reminiscent of a 2013/14 Suarez!

  15. Hart
    Lukaku Kane

  16. For me it’s got to be Sergio Aguero for the fourth GW running! With the Argentine lining up against Sunderland, it is the safest option, but if you are trying to make up some ground in Mini-Leagues etc. then the remaining options could come into play. I’m ranked just outside the top 100k with Triple Captain & BB left, so no point in gambling at the moment.

    Dimitri Payet is another contender, but his FA Cup performance might have put a lot of people off… is this correct Jamie? 😉

  17. Cech
    Ozil Silva

  18. Robles
    Costa Rooney

  19. That’s a very tough call! In terms of form Payet is definitely bottom of list, but he faces Norwich so i’d be inclined to start him. The other three are pretty much fixture proof, however, since you have more coverage of Leicester with 2 players, I think the safest strategy would be to bench one of them.

    Personally I would drop Mahrez because Leicester’s best chance of scoring is on the counter attack and seen as Vardy is playing more advanced, he has a higher likelihood to be involved in goalscoring chances. Another bonus is the fact he’s taken over penalty duty.

    Thanks for your comment, that’s just my personal opinion.

  20. Best Bet: Ibrahimovic
    Differential: Iheanacho
    Defender: Alderweireld

  21. Best Bet: Ibrahimovic
    Differential: Tadic
    Defender: Alderweireld

  22. Best: Ibrahimovic
    Differential: Oviedo
    Defender: Bellerin

  23. Best Bet: Sergio Aguero
    Differential: Marko Arnautovic
    Defender: Adam Smith

  24. This is genius!!

  25. A lot to consider ahead of GW33! As someone who’s keeping hold of Alexis Sanchez, I’m seriously considering captaining him as a differential. I’ve got ground to make up in mini-leagues and think he’s got a decent chance of a haul vs. a Middlesbrough side who need to search for goals. Also the fact he’s performed great away from home as you covered.

  26. Thanks for the heads up, all amended now.

  27. Sorry for the late response. Edit… and the long answer 😉

    The template answer to ‘when is the time to prioritise a defensive transfer over an attacking one?’ is never, but that’s not always the case. It’s about you’re gut feeling at the end of the day, so if you feel the need to bring in a defender, don’t let the idea slip and settle on a new midfielder (sometimes a player you don’t even fancy doing very well) just because it’s labelled ‘the right thing to do’.

    As for taking a -4 hit for a defender? 9 times out of 10 I wouldn’t advise it, as the vast majority of DEF/GK’s have a low-ceiling in terms of FPL points (6pts for a CS is a solid return), which means 2pts gained after the hit is often the best case scenario.

    However, there is a handful of ‘premium’ defenders in which a points hit is ‘worth it’ and sometimes necessary in my opinion. For example, you mention that you’d like more Chelsea coverage and I don’t blame you with their upcoming fixtures. Marcus Alonso is the perfect scenario in which a -4 could be warranted. He is perhaps the best defender you can get in FPL at the moment, has excellent fixtures and the perfect mix of attacking & defensive output to pick up in-game, as well as bonus-points.

    Another thing is, you have to be sure that it’s a long-term investment before taking a hit. First of all, will they outscore their replacement by 4pts+ over the next 5 GW’s and will your squad value increase alongside this. Just look at Kyle Walker, he began the season at 5.5m and now sits at 6.1m – the FPL managers who felt uneasy about taking a hit for him in the earlier stages of the season will have regretted it big time. Same goes for Alonso – the longer you wait, the more his value will rise & the further he slips away.

  28. Sorry about that, the table has now been edited!

  29. Yeh that’s a good shout, seemed to link up effectively with Afobe as well. The only reason I steered clear of the Bournemouth backline is because Sunderland are looking more dangerous now, than they have done all season. They’ve scored in 5 of their last 6 matches (versus the likes of Man City, Arsenal Tottenham), so I can see them finding the net again – especially with Defoe sniffing around!

  30. Yeh definitely, perfect enabler and is very likely to start some matches in the next few weeks. Impressed in midweek (assist & 3BP’s) and as you said, you can’t go wrong at that price – even if there is a slight risk involved. His only competition under 4m is Norwich’s Ryan Bennet and he’s a bit reckless for my liking.

  31. I think that’s a great shout Jamie, West Ham have featured at the top of our ‘Clean Sheet – Form’ chart for the past few weeks now – conceding an average of 0.4 goals in their last 10 matches, in all competitions; while Stoke have conceded an average of 1 goal per game, over the same period.
    Butland – 23.6%
    Adrian – 2.9%
    Definitely a solid differential & 0.2m cheaper.

  32. Agreed, if you can get a goalscoring defender on your side it’s a massive advantage, especially if they combine it with a CS, like Koscielny did.
    A single-entry GPP would be great – a level playing field when skill is at the forefront, rather than coverage. Euro 2016 will be huge for DFF and, as you said, new platforms will appear left, right and centre. Hopefully they’ll be happy to take on constructive feedback, like B4TB at the moment, as it’s essential to create a user friendly experience.
    Thanks for your comment, and best of luck for 2016!

  33. I also like this idea of the ‘Flex’ (low budget). It retains the unpredictable aspect of DFF, while reducing the blow when you end up with a non-starter.
    Another positive is its simplicity. If I’m correct, the Flex doesn’t have an effect on your starting XI’s budget; just choose your additional player and with one click your sorted. Also, it seems the biggest criticism of Late Swap is the fact you have to check line-ups frequently, however with ‘Flex’, the player automatically fills in for your non-starter/lowest scorer, so you can get on with your day-to-day life.
    Seems to to fit the needs for both Pro & Casual managers. Perhaps it suits casuals slightly more, but they are the largest target market at the end of the day.