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As we move into the final month of the Premier League season, it’s time to have a look at which players formulate last month’s Dream Team. April had a ...

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This week we were proud to announce our affiliation Sportito, an upcoming daily fantasy football website. To launch the partnership, Sportito have created a ...

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  1. Nice article Rory. I’ve given my armband to Agüero this weekend. Nine goals in his last six against Spurs is just too good to turn down!

  2. Nice one Samuel. Definitely starting Müller and Suárez! It’s tough getting the budget even though with predominately expensive players left in the competition.

  3. My most recent Matt Taylor memory is when he smashed on in from his own half for Portsmouth… I reckon Jack Grealish is worth a punt, Reece Burke too!

  4. What have I learned this season:
    – Don’t be afraid to double up on defenders (Southampton, WBA & Chelsea displayed why at different stages).
    – Form over fixtures.
    – Jump on bandwagons faster (Dier, Sanchez, Di Maria, Kane, etc).

  5. Won another £50 last week… not bad! Strategically building some nice 3 figure account balances ready to withdraw at the end of the season.

  6. Agree with you on most here, Rory. I’m chasing in my mini-league so going to toss up between Bentekkers and Sanchez. Alexis playing in a Monday night again makes him even more appealing!

  7. The Tim Krul and Leicester stats stand out for me. I’m planning on trebling up on Newcastle and Leicester defenders in the few daily fantasy football leagues. In regards to Dwight Gayle, proceed with caution as the last time he got a full 90 minutes was 3rd March (over 2 months ago).

  8. The whole lot for me, can’t get enough. Last weekend was the first in a while where I haven’t won a penny – time to put that right!

  9. Mines staying on Sánchez, he’s got some serious making up to do!

  10. Thanks for stopping by mate! My favourite piece of advice has to be (regarding wildcards): “The key is to get the timing right – play it when your team really needs it.”

  11. Nice article Dan. Cracking idea to try and build a daily fantasy football community on Twitter, should help separate DFF chat from FPL chat on match days!

  12. Welcome to the team @Guy_M_Sanchez! Absolutely brilliant first article, my daily fantasy football MLS team will be 100% Seattle at the back this weekend… no pressure!

  13. Good to see you at the top of the leaderboards last week, I managed to win about $10 thanks to your tips. I’ll be loading up on Seattle at the back once again, I do however fancy Will Bruin to find his way through Portland’s defence – but for your sake hope he doesn’t!

  14. Welcome to the site mate, nice debut article! China defence & Germany attack for me. Wang Shanshan to deliver the good once again!

  15. I did fairly substantial lineup research this weekend but still had a few teams ruined by the likes of Bellerin, Walcott, Bamford, etc. So based on this, I agree that something needs to be created in order to combat this problem that paying players (pros) have. I did have Redmond though, who I would have subbed out having seen the lineup, but luckily he went on to score.

    (1) I think this is essential. As it stands I enter the same amount of teams each weekend without fail. Introducing Late Swap means that players MUST monitor there teams throughout the weekend. If for example I’m busy at the weekend (usually 50/50) I wouldn’t enter teams. The addition of late swaps alone would mean my business the respective website is cut out by roughly 50%.

    (2) This wouldn’t really work unless the way the bench functions is tweaked. I suggested an idea on Twitter last night that upon picking your team lineup you’re given two decisions. 1: To activate late swap (where you can then monitor your team over the weekend) or 2: To active bench (where you are then given a separate budget to choose 3 players to be on your bench). This is obviously a basic concept, but one that would cater to the casuals and the pros.

    (3 + 4) I think websites could do a lot worse than follow the lead of U.S websites. However, I do think that the mastering the transition between FPL and DFF could be a profitable one, so the innovation of new features would be important in that respect. I guess that reiterates my point above of catering to both casuals and pros – casuals (FPL players) will be familiar with the bench, whilst pros can will be entertained by the ability to late swap.

  16. I voted ‘No Prices’ purely based on the fact that it just takes too long to pick a team. Also, at what point in this season would a team comprised of the most expensive players from each position actually win a tournament? Since FanTeam have adopted Dynamic (based on fixtures) it’s been impossible to pick a team, Fanaments has also been tough. I think if you’re going to introduce dynamic scoring then it still needs to be very loose, like Monogoal’s is… kind of.

  17. Dele Alli looks like a solid choice going forward. I think Agüero will have a pretty widespread ownership in daily fantasy football this weekend, but could be a slight differential in FPL. Is he worth selecting over Vardy, Ighalo, Lukaku & Kane though?

  18. Excellent article Clarke. City, Spurs and United are my go-to defences this weekend. Chelsea have good odds but can’t see them containing Ighalo and Deeney.

  19. Player pricing: No values makes it quick and easy to pick a team. Also increases skill of finding non-template players to bring differential points.

    Scoring: I think that assists for mids/strikers and clean sheets for goalkeepers/defenders need to be increased. I’d bump assists for mids/strikers up from 2 and 1 respectively, to 3 points each. Whereas clean sheets I’d increase both by 1pt so that goalkeepers and defenders get 4pts each. Also, I notice that you deduct -2 points from strikers for 3 shots off target, to balance this, why not add in +2 for 3 shots on target? Just a thought…

    UI: Team selection works fine for me. One thing that could be adjusted is the removal of players, I find this temperamental unless I switch to list view and click the minus.

    Tournament list needs some tweaks to make it easier to track teams/player performances. I find it confusing trying to find my teams live score, often the pitch displays nothing or shows my players overall points. I think that it should also be possible to view opponents teams as half the fun is flicking between hoping their players blank etc. I do understand the complications with this however, when you allow other teams to enter throughout the gameweek. One thing you could do, which Fanaments do, is show the players who are playing/have played then mask the players they have remaining who are yet to kick off.

    Overall, I think the website shows great promise and if you take on board some of the user feedback you recieve here there’s no reason this website couldn’t be a frontrunner next year. Good luck!

  20. I voted ‘No Replacement’ as that’s what I’ve actually opted for this week. However, looking back on my decision I’m not sure whether my decision was correct as I really do fancy Costa’s potential.

    I decided to bench Vardy, transfer in Payet for Hoolahan and play 5 in midfield with Kane & Lukaku up top. If Leicester struggle this weekend then they’ll be keen to get Vardy back in the starting LU ahead of Aston Villa in GW22. If Vardy doesn’t feature/score well in GW22, then I’ll be most likely bring in Costa (who hopefully blanks this weekend… along with Agüero… oh dear what have I done…)

  21. My team is very strong next week without needing to make any immediate transfers, so I’m thinking of bringing in a strategic differential. I’m currently 6th out of 70 in my mini-league and the entire top 10, including me, have Jack Butland in goal. 5 have Myhill as sub, 1 has Cech and 4, including me, have a non-starter.

    I’m thinking this week I might transfer out Butland for Adrian, in a hope that before I play my wildcard he can outscore Butland. Here’s a few stats:

    Clean Sheets Since December:
    Adrian: 4
    Butland: 3

    Next 6 Fixtures:
    Adrian: new, MCI, AVL, sou, nor, SUN
    Butland: ARS, lei, mun, EVE, bou, AVL

    What do you think?

  22. Welcome to the team Makasa. Excellent, in-depth review of one of the most unpredictable gameweeks yet. Not making knee-jerk decisions (bringing in Aguero & Costa in GW21) has turned out well for me so far.

  23. Haha. What a surprise you tipped Shelvey 😉 Any of the new signings cropped up on your differential radar?

  24. Very thorough analysis of GW22, cheers Dan. What were the key moments for everybody FPL wise? The return of Agüero’s goalscoring form, Mahrez losing his penalty duties and Butland proving fixture proof are mine.

  25. I think Charlie Daniels could come up big again this weekend. Bournemouth have kept two clean sheets in their last three and Sunderland’s clumsy defence could easy present him with another penalty. If I wasn’t focused on bringing in Agüero this week I think I’d have transferred him in.

  26. The website is coming along well guys and we’re very happy to see our feedback implicated so quickly. You’ll no doubt notice users spending more time on site now that they can flick between opponents teams and compare players. I for one have probably spent 5-6 hours on the website today, whereas usually I’d just drop by for 10 minutes to see how I performed.

    At the final whistle in the Arsenal game I was second on 70pts (with Ozil to have 1pt added) and first was on 71pts (with 0pts to be added). I navigated to your Game Rules to find out what happens in the event of a tie break, learned that it goes down to “Most points earned due to goals scored in the particular GameWeek”and when I returned I could no longer view the leaderboard because it’s changed to next week’s tournaments.

    THEREFORE, I think it should be possible to view the leaderboard here ( instead of ‘Rank’. You should also be able to click on opponents teams and see who they had. In this case I want to know – both now and after I win/lose – how many players I had who scored, and how many my tied opponent had.

  27. Adrian, Van Aanholt, Payet, Afobe, Kane

  28. Cech, Aldy, Firmino, Sanchez, Paloschi

  29. De Gea, Daniels, Lennon, Costa, Afobe

  30. Congratulations for overtaking me in the overall rankings tommass4. I’m coming for you this week!

    Best Bet: Ibrahimovic
    Differential: Sturridge
    Defender: Dann

  31. Best Bet: Aguero
    Differential: Deeney
    Defender: Coleman

  32. Best: Aguero
    Differential: Son
    Defender: Valencia

  33. Harry Kane is going to be my captain for Gameweek 16 & Gameweek 17. Great fixtures!

  34. When is the time to prioritise a defensive transfer over an attacking one? Are there any defenders proving as consistent as widely owned midfielders? I’ve been wanting to bring in Chelsea defensive coverage for a while, but always seem to have a midfielder or striker to change (due to injuries and suspensions). Should I just take a -4 hit?

  35. I hate captaining players from the early kick off, but I guess this week will be an exception. Sigurdsson at home to Leicester is also a tempting captain pick…

  36. Great article Penguin, lot’s of food for thought! I think that it’s important to apply your gut feeling to all of the other points. I’ve found social media to be somewhat damaging to my performances this year, as I’ve often fallen into the trap of recency bias. Since realising that my season is pretty much over, I’ve started playing a lot more aggressively and seen a huge boost in the rankings. From the last 6 weeks, I’ve seen green arrows in every GW that I’ve taken a point hit (4), and red arrows in every GW that I’ve not taken a hit (2). FPL is about constantly revising your strategy and acknowledging mistakes. After a 14k finish last year, I was too stubborn to adjust and this year paid the price. I’m already looking forward to next year.

  37. Just to confirm, I’m not actually looking at Defoe, in fact he’s probably the lowest down my watch list he’s been all season. However, IF (and it’s bloody massive if) Sunderland/Defoe turn it on against Middlesbrough and Bournemouth, taking 6 points and pulling themselves back into the dogfight… then I *might* look at him for GW36 vs Hull and the historic DGW37 that Sunderland seem to love.

  38. Their next fixtures are MID (A), BOU (H), HUL (A), SWA (H) – so it’s very much in their hands. If they manage to carry their momentum and take points from their next two, then I’ll definitely be looking towards Defoe & Kone for DGW37.

  39. Thanks for sharing your insight mate. I’m tempted to join you on captaining Kane, would you mind updating me on the news from the presser? Good luck with your ascent on the rankings!

  40. Thanks for the comment. I definitely agree, do you think he’ll get a 90 following his injury and Son’s recent performances?

  41. It’s weird that the highest scorer in the game is somewhat cast as a differential ahead of a fixture to Middlesbrough… who’d of thought it?! I think that’s a decent bet mate, if he starts up top then you’d fancy him to be amongst the goals. It’s almost written in the script with the amount of people transferring him out!

  42. Good advice, cheers.

    I’ve waited too long now and seen three Chelsea defenders all rise by £0.3.

    I can afford to swap Morgan to Alonso, but will sit on it for another week. I fancy Leicester to have a good spell after last GW.

  43. Ha ha. It’s on a small hiatus as demand has been dropping over the last few weeks. Congrats to you though, consistently at the top each week. Who are you going for this week?

  44. My team is called: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I’m not doing so well at the moment though…

  45. Thanks for the feedback mate. Glad you’re enjoying our Euro 2016 coverage!

  46. Tough one. The way I’d look at it is that most people are going to be playing Ozil and Mahrez – pr at least that’s definitely how it is in my mini-league, so if you don’t play them two then you’re really putting yourself at risk. Payet and Vardy are more of differentials in a way and I don’t think you’d lose huge ground if one of those scores big. Therefore, the question is Payet or Vardy.

    Form: Vardy, Fixture: Payet – your call 😉

  47. I’m in a similar position to you, just outside the top 100k with TC, AOA & 2nd WC left and I’m opting for the same. Hard to fade Aguero really, especially when you know everybody’s opting for him. Never trust Payet 🙁

  48. My keepers are Butland (STO) and McCarthy (CRY) mate.

  49. I’ll wait it out until Saturday morning to try catch his last price rise. According to fplstatistics he’s 96.2% of the way to rising, needing 1019 more transfers in.

  50. That turned out extremely well. Nice job!

  51. Thanks Junior. I think if B4TB factor in your listed improvements then they’ll be up there. I think number 1 is the most important and should be priority. As for Captains and Vice Captains, I’m usually against them but I think with their tight scoring it’s important.

  52. I had Van Aanholt on B4TB this weekend which helped massively as defenders don’t receive that many points for clean sheets on there. I like the single entry idea and it’s very similar to the idea we had for the Fplbet DFF Leaderboard. I’ll get to work on that!

  53. I have to agree with @Zebraphenia. I really want to pull in Costa this weekend, but you can guarantee everybody else will have the template attack and you can guarantee the template attack will score. Thank god for the daily game encouraging creativity!

  54. I’ve brought in Van Dijk this week for Kompany. Too much money sitting on the bench for a defender that is plagued by injury.

  55. Not a bad choice. My armband is on him at the moment and that’s likely where it’s going to remain. Tempted by Özil though for reasons I mentioned above!

  56. Decent choice mate. He was shortlisted as a ‘Low Risk’ candidate but narrowly missed out to Mahrez & Lukaku. Good luck and merry xmas!

  57. Yep. I really want to pull in Agüero this weekend too. Who would you transfer him out for though? I currently have Kane, Vardy and Lukaku…

  58. You’re a crazy man. I opted for him last weekend over Mahrez and it’s left me full of regret. Never again.

  59. “Choose 1(or 2 depending on the #DFF sites preference) player which you think might not play(in our case Walcott) and only choose a substitute for him- within his price off course- and that player would come in if our Doubt doesn’t start.”

    It’s definitely a good idea in it’s own respects but I’m not sure it’s a direct solution to the problem. I have a few possible issues with this I’d like to hear your opinions on:

    1) Does this really fix the issue? Yeah, it’d give you room to gamble on a player you’re not sure will starts – but that gamble should arguably come with a cost anyway. The problem here is that (assuming the GW kicks off Fri/Sat) a player could pick up a random injury between then and their match on Sunday/Monday (Baines). Also a player could be randomly dropped (Bellerin, Redmond, etc) and you wouldn’t have any cover. In my opinion the reason players want LS is because of players unexpectedly not playing, not to give them more freedom to make gambles.

    2) Also, if you were allowed for example 2 backup players. Isn’t this just an un-glorified version of a bench? If you have to choose 2 backup players you might as well just have a 2 person bench…

  60. That’s a very good point. I’d like to hear from @Bigo1 about how Victiv avoid the Flex being gamed. If Mondo were to have a 5.0m Flex budget, you could choose Yohan Benalouane (3.5m DEF from LEI) as a starter and pick a 5.0m DEF as your Flex.

    Your suggestion sounds like an interesting take on the ‘Bench’ feature, and one that could (after a bit of work) be used by the likes of FB, Woof, etc who have a Bench and want to avoid it being manipulated. That’s a whole different subject though…

  61. The flex sounds like an interested concept. One of my main problems with the bench on DFF websites is that bench players are included in the same budget as your starting 11. This more often than not means users disregard it’s set purpose and load it with cheap players to give them a greater overall budget for their starting 11.

    Just to confirm (because I’ve never used it before) the Flex player has a separate budget to the starting 11?

  62. Thanks for stopping by @Mizungu. I couldn’t agree more with your first paragraph, I believe that the market does need a variety of choice for players to truly understand what they want. As for the market ‘preferring no late swap’ I think that’s just due to websites trying to appeal to FPL players initially, rather than them having a preference against it.

    The next part I’m not so sure about. I don’t disagree with your statement whatsoever but I’m not sure on a few parts. “Big fish won’t play without late swap and the industry won’t get by on casual players” – When you say big fish won’t play without it, do you mean you think there’s a lot of players who are holding back from playing due to the lack of this feature? From my understanding it’s the big fish who are already playing (e.g. us gathered here now) and the little fish that aren’t.

    If the little fish don’t join then surely all the sites will die?

  63. Thanks mate. It’s most definitely a change to help keep people interested for longer. You have to remember that all FPL cares about is pageviews as they run ads. If introducing 3 new gimmicky features means ghost users return 3x more this season, then they’ll make a bomb on that alone.

    I’ll be playing nevertheless, but I can’t help but feel these new features will create big point margins and take away from the competitiveness of mini-leagues.

  64. Amen to that.

  65. I think you’ve got it spot on with the chips mate. I honestly believe that one Wildcard would complement these new features even more than it would have old FPL. I’ll 100% be using Triple Captaincy on the first DGW and saving my second Wildcard & Bench Boost to play together for DGW36.

    However, if I only had one Wildcard I’d have to either save it to use with Bench Boost, or use it and plan very carefully ahead for when I want to use Bench Boost.

    Also, I think All Out Attack is pointless. 1 more striker/midfielder, no big deal…

  66. My cynicism definitely decreased the further I got into this article. All-out-attack isn’t actually that powerful, just allows you one more striker/mid than usual. Triple Captain could be pinnacle and I’ll more than likely be too scared to use it all season. Bench Boost looks VERY interesting that’s for sure, careful forward planning could mean HUGE points without a point hit.

    I’m very disappointed with the Wildcard decision, I think template teams will be a problem again this year and still stand by the fact there should just be one Wildcard. Overall, it’s definitely a good thing to see them try and make developments with the user in mind!

  67. Interesting. Thanks for sharing that with me. Let’s hope for a Portland win and Will Bruin brace then hey!

  68. Welcome to the site Muhammad. Tough choice, my personal opinion is that United will walk Hull so wouldn’t fancy N’Doye. Pelle could have a goal in him as Southampton push for Europa, but not really a stand out pick as they face in-form City. Vardy and Ulloa have a nice fixture, I think there’ll be goals too so both look decent choices. Lukaku has looked good recently and is against Tottenham who concede as if by religion. I think it’s out of Vardy/Ulloa/Lukaku. Good luck!

  69. Cheers Samuel. Can’t argue with Benteke and Lukaku, both in-form. This weekend is going to be unpredictable though, I can just sense it. Goals flying in everywhere!!

  70. Young mate – he’s in great form against a team who have NEVER won a Premier League match in May…

  71. Schlupp nailed on in all my teams (both DFF & FPL). Considering a punt of Mahrez in DFF along with Charlie Adam against his former club.

  72. Splash the cash mate! Who knows, you might manage to win big in one of the £1000 guarantees. Good luck!

  73. Ashley Young for me mate. Already transferred him in for Özil.

  74. Good luck @samuelfpl – I agree, nows the time to take risk with time running out!

  75. It’s very good to hear – though I do imagine world number 1 won’t be doing the same and will be blocking second place’s moves. Very unfortunate that Gomez has been ruled out – a big blow for Mr Saddiq!

  76. Cheers Ervin. I have to admit my Cissé call was slightly premature, but I have faith in him so thought I’d carry it through. Proceed Wickham with caution my friend 😉

  77. That only applies to Cissé-less Newcastle.

  78. Hard to pick stand out candidates to double up on at this stage in the season because results tend to be pretty sporadic. I’m most likely taking a gamble on Newcastle, Leicester & Villa in terms of doubling up at the back in daily fantasy football. Yet to 100% decide yet…

  79. As for captaincy, I personally would go for Sanchez but I’m waiting for @roryfpl‘s article on Friday before I make my mind up!

  80. In that case I’d probably avoid making it a -8.

  81. If Gayle does come up big then you will have my upmost respect for scouting that one out!

  82. I’ve already brought in Gomez myself. Used my free transfer to transfer him in for Henderson. I’m also looking towards Butland, Grealish & Graham in daily fantasy football – what do you reckon?

  83. What @zebraphenia said. In daily fantasy football you should give it a punt, but in FPL there’s way better players to transfer in!

  84. I’d consider transferring Wisdom/Wilkinson to Bellerin for a -4 or leave it as it. Then have your starting line up as:
    Krul; Bellerin, Morgan, Ivanovic; Ramsey, Sanchez, Albrighton, Hendo; Defoe, Aguero, Kane.

    That’s based on the fact that I think Bellerin -4 will pick up more points than Fonte this DGW.

  85. 1. Yep, definitely not worth wasting your FT on.
    2. In good form yes, but they’re are conceding goals. Maybe Gomez or Wickham are worth a look due to their inexpensive price tags? Personally, I swapped Hendo for Gomez.

  86. Your time will come @fplheart – What websites are you playing?

  87. Not sure, but it’s not looking good for Hull with TOT (A), MUN (H)…

  88. With you on that mate. Leicester definitely look the better candidates defensively, but the Black Cats have a bit of new found confidence about them following their back-to-back wins. A very important match that’s for sure.

  89. Cheers Ervin bud. Agree with everything you said as always! I did consider Mr Wickham this weekend but don’t fancy him away at Everton. He’s pencilled in as GW37’s differential though – depending his doesn’t get injured, red carded or outplayed by some random gem.

  90. I’m with you on that Ervin. Silva threaded a lovely little ball through to Agüero for his goal last week. The Arsenal strike force is a tough one however – might as well flip a coin on it!

  91. Ha ha. The Jonas Olsson way 😉

  92. Yep, agreed with Brunt but having seen his deliveries it’s understandable why. I reckon even RVP could nod one of those home, actually, hold on…

  93. In FPL i’ve got Benteke, Aguero and Vardy. In daily fantasy football I’ll be gambling with N’Doye, Cisse and Wickham in a few leagues (ones that allow me to have a bench incase Cisse doesn’t play). Good luck Rory.

  94. Cheers mate. Good luck with that – both are in decent form and have good fixtures with a lot to play for! Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for @roryfpl‘s captaincy article.

  95. Called him last week when he was somewhat of a differential (4.0%), he’s now at 8.1%. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’ll have another good week but I think Agüero is a safer bet. That’s the tough thing about keeping to a strict one best bet, bargain, differential for each position – I wanted to include Ramsey this week too but for integrity purposes couldn’t wiggle him in.

  96. You’re right on home/away form. There was a point when Ings & Austin proved to be fixture proof.

  97. I don’t think I’d consider him this weekend away at Everton. But in FPL maybe for the DGW as he faces LEI (H) and ARS (A). Big games for Sunderland and he’s shown he can find the net!

  98. Turned out alright didn’t it. A goal and assist with a game to go!

  99. Well cheers for making that decision harder for me mate 😉

  100. Agreed, Liverpool definitely have excellent point potential vs QPR but after mustering up minimal points from 2 fairly simple fixtures last week, I’ve decided to lay off the Liverpool lads this weekend!

  101. I hope so for my FPL mini-league. Hard to look away from the explosiveness of Sanchez and the form of Ramsey though… You should be telling us this Rory, you’re the Gooner…

  102. Cheers Samuel. Yep, Hazard has always got a goal and an assist him – but of the sake of the article not listing ol’ Eden every single week I decided to opt of Alexis. I hope he comes up big now!

  103. Jack Grealish is a good shout! Very interested to see how he ends the season.