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GW30 – Differentials

By @FPLFujtown

We are now standing on the precipice of the manic double and blank gameweek run in FPL.

Managers should by now have their vague strategy sorted especially regarding how they are going to allocate their valuable chips. So most managers will have certain teams they are focusing on based on not just fixtures and form, but how their blanks and double sync up with a managers specific strategy. So in this weeks article I’m going to focus on 3 teams who are mixing form, fixtures and blank and double gameweeks.

Fixtures / Covering the Blanks / Bournemouth

GW30 – Huddersfield (Away)
GW31 – Newcastle (Home)
GW32 – Leicester (Away)
GW33 – Burnley (Home)
GW34 – Brighton (Away)
GW35 – Fulham (Home)

Bournemouth are definitely contenders for everyone’s second team in the league (Southampton fans excluded). One of the key reasons they prove so popular in FPL especially is their low prices in the game and their ability to play attacking football. Key to this we have Wilson (6.3m / 10.1% TSB) who has had a breakout season, picking up from where he started with his fantastic form, which helped promote the cherries, before he was curtailed with a series of knee injuries.

On the subject of injuries the English International is expected back imminently, but with our history with Howe in regards to his words, we definitely cannot trust him completely. The information we have via Ben Dinnery on twitter is ‘Wilson has returned to full training. Fully expect him to be included in the matchday squad, not sure on a start though. Depends on how he trains this week.’

With Bournemouth facing key games against Newcastle and Burnley both at home during the blank gameweeks, and perhaps crucially they then face Fulham in DGW35 where managers could include their attacking assets in their Bench Boost teams.

Probably more appealing right now due to their time on pitch is Brooks, Fraser or King.  However, with their great fixtures and with him nailing his place down in the team seemingly… Boruc (4.0m!!! / 8.7% TSB) could be key if anyone has a goalkeeper potentially doubling and blanking!

Form / Differentials in the Doubles / Crystal Palace

GW30 – Brighton (Home)
GW31 – Blank
GW32 – Huddersfield (Home) and Spurs (Away) or Newcastle (Away)
GW33 – Blank
GW34 – Manchester City (Home)
GW35 – Arsenal (Away) and Spurs (Away) or Newcastle (away)

Zaha takes the headlines but Schlupp (4.5m / 3.5% TSB) has been a magnificent FPL asset. Playing out of position in midfield while listed as a defender, Schlupp has ousted Max Meyer and has proceeded to delivered 4 goals and 3 assists this season / contributing to a return of 3 points per game on average.

Overlooked by most as AWB keeps some managers from doubling up on Crystal Palace players, Schlupp has flown under the radar and will be in a lot of Double Gameweek differential teams, specifically those who use their Free Hit Chip.

Guaita being replaced by Hennessey for Palace’s last game removes him as an option in FPL, as does the rest for Andros Townsend, although we do know he is a favourite of Roy Hodgson. There isn’t a huge amount of space in teams for Strikers so Batshuayi and Zaha could not get a look in, but nonetheless they are returning points!

Fixtures / Covering the Blanks / Leicester

GW30 – Fulham (Home)
GW31 – Burnely (Away)
GW32 – Bournemouth (Home)
GW33 – Huddersfield (Away)
GW34 – Newcastle (Home)
GW35 – West Ham (Away)

Ricardo Periera (5.4m) is the villain of FPL at the moment! His returns will come, especially after picking up an accumulated negative point return from recent gameweeks. However, he and Chilwell (5.0m) have been deployed as wing backs in a back 5 in Brendan Rodgers’ first game.

This could give both assets huge potential to increase their points tallies as they move forward. Leicester looked particularly ill-at-ease with the formation against Watford, but it can take some time to bed in, crucially it seems the roles in the center of the park need some work.

Rodgers deployed Ndidi and Tielemens in behind Maddison and Barnes and the four didn’t click, with most running into each others spaces and not giving each other the right options.

Ndidi looked particularly lost when the team tried to move forward as a block, however Maddison (6.7m / 5.3% TSB) looked good on all set pieces, delivering some fantastic balls and contributing in the attack to some of Leicester’s best moves. With 3.6 points per game this season, Maddison can and should be improving on this as his performances have not been rewarded with the returns they possibly deserve. He has trolled a bit though this season 😉.

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