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Jason Puncheon

Cardiff, Manchester City, Everton
0.7% TSB

Potential transfer for: Diangana, Camarasa, Hudson-Odoi, Stephens, Hojberg

Well this is an interesting one, Jason Puncheon has joined Huddersfield. While this looks like a nothing transfer in the grand scheme of things its pretty big for us FPL managers. Now, yes, the midfield spots this season are precious with some of the best teams taking advantage of 5 premium midfields at the expense of elite strikers, but there is credence in the recruitment of a budget midfielder to enable more expensive picks all over you team. Puncheon comes in at an incredible 4.2m, this drop is due to his low starting price point and the vague hope at the start of the season he may win a place in Roy Hodgson’s Crystal Palace team. The initial recruitment itself was there for a reason, Puncheon has rewarded FPL managers in the past.

Specifically at Southampton, but in bursts at Palace Puncheon has been a good 4th or 5th midfielder over the years. Although 48 goal contributions in 198 games (roughly 1 in 4) doesn’t look so good, a large number of sub appearances and years playing for lower placed Premier League teams have masked a good asset. Now we aren’t expecting Puncheon to pull up tree’s but we can see him getting some good points here and there and possibly raising in price as players look to offset their big players with cheap performing assets. Of course he could become an interesting pick over the blank gameweeks and double gameweeks as a cheap squad asset for chips such as bench boost.

Ander Herrera

Manchester United
Tottenham, Burnley, Brighton

We spoke about Herrera on our twitter last week. His placement in the United system being deployed by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer helps bring balance to the United team. United are currently fielding an asymmetrical 4-3-3 with the right winger (Mata, Lingard etc) inverted into the center to deploy the high press and allow the right back (Ashley Young) to bomb down a vacant right flank. This leaves 2 key spaces on the pitch for United, 1 being a cover for the right backs forward runs – unglamorous for FPL assets but contributes towards BPS system in recoveries, tackles and interceptions. The other space being filled is as a box to box attacking asset to provide penetrative support for the front line moving into the space vacated by the inverted right winger. We have seen Herrera fill this position to great effect recently with 5 goal contributions in his last 8 premier league games.

Now of course he is not a stand out pick, especially with the likes of Pogba and Martial also in the midfield ranks on FPL for Manchester United, but his low low price means he could be a fantastic choice when United have either good fixtures or when double gameweeks come about.

One to monitor.

Diogo Jota

Wolverhampton Wanderers
Manchester City, Leicester, West Ham

I had him in my team at the start of the season. After an impressive season in the Championship with 20+ goal contributions, FPL managers were left intrigued by Wolves’ Premier League chances, with Jota as the stand out attacking asset. Of course, we were wrong, it was new recruit Jiminez and right wing back Doherty who became the ‘attacking’ assets of choice. But there was data and history that lead us to believe in Jota at the start of the season, and he has started putting in performances recently and putting himself back into contention for managers. Wolves have an alright long range fixture list and could put Jota back on the map for FPL managers should his 0.6 dropped price prove intriguing for us.

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