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If I were granted three wishes from a genie, I’d ask for constant access to a comfortable amount of money, a one-hundred strong army of life sized Scarlett Johansson sex robots, and the ability to always correctly tell whether someone is a handshake or fist bump kind of guy, but closely following in 4th place would without a doubt be the power to ensure that my Fantasy team always scores plenty of points.

Whilst financial stability and reduced social awkwardness are perfectly plausible in real life (and give it another 20 years before sex robots enslave the earth), there are too many cosmic factors in the FPL game that are out of our control to ensure that our weekends will be laden with delicious points. But our job as managers, and on a subconscious level the reason why this game is so addictive, is to get our chances of success as close to 100% as humanly possible, so where better to look than THE fixture that has proven itself by far the most reliable for a gluttony of goals and a cornucopia of clean-sheets. If you’d care to grab your oyster card and follow me up the Victoria line, we’re going to take a trip to White Hart Lane.

Spurs this year have reminded me very much of a young Oscar Pistorius, a spring in their step, and absolutely lethal at home. Never this season have I been more confident captaining a player than when a struggling team comes to the white side of North London (apart from two successive Harry Kane blanks that ruined my Christmas but we don’t talk about that). There seems to be something inevitable about Pochettino’s side in front of an adoring lillywhite crowd, where all the cogs work in motion and any notion of a surprise defeat is wiped out within the first 20 minutes, but enough of me blindly singing the praises of a team I don’t even support, it’s time to waterboard you with statistics until we force you to scream the lyrics of ‘You just got Kaned’.

The Statistics Behind Tottenham’s Home Dominance

Tottenham are unbeaten at home this year (14 wins, 2 draws) and have scored at least one goal in every single game in that span. Their current run of victories reached 11 on the trot last weekend as the prodigal Son notched up 19 points in a 4-0 win. In fact, a Spurs player has scored 10 or more points a huge 18 times in home games this year, that’s an average of over one per game, and discounting a slow start, they’ve had 17 decent captaincy options in their last 12 at home!

gameweek 33 fantasy premier league tips

The Yid Army’s back line is also to thank for their confident domestic displays, using our nifty defensive form table I’ve found that in their 16 home games they’ve kept an impressive 10 clean sheets (3 more than league leaders Chelsea), with just 8 goals conceded at the Lane all season, an average of just 0.5.

Team GC CS
TOT 8 10
CHE 11 7
EVE 8 7
MUN 11 6
BUR 14 6

All in all ‘Spurs at Home’ is officially the most lucrative fixture for points all season, with their starting XI and subs producing a mammoth average of 60.3 points between them per game. That’s 1.8 points higher than next best ‘Chelsea at home’, and to kick the fans while they’re down, nearly 10 points ahead of ‘Arsenal at home’.

TOT Home 965 60.3
CHE Home 878 58.5
EVE Home 878 54.9
LIV Home 840 52.5
ARS Home 761 50.7
CHE Away 784 49.0
MUN Away 674 48.1
MCI Away 764 47.8
MUN Home 739 46.2
ARS Away 680 45.3
WBA Home 719 44.9
LEI Home 712 44.5
TOT Away 657 43.8
MCI Home 651 43.4
LIV Away 670 41.9

*Another interesting yet irrelevant titbit from this is that West Brom at Home score more than Man City at home, Fraudiola amirite?*

The Best Spurs Players From A Fantasy Football Perspective

It doesn’t take the head of statistics at Opta to tell that the three most lucrative Spurs players in the game right now are Dele Alli, Christian Eriksen and Harry Kane. I’ve recently broke the bank in my personal team to bring them all in, and for good reason…

Point scoring trios at home (accumulative points)

  • Alli, Eriksen, Kane (307 points)
  • Eriksen, Kane, Walker (290)
  • Lukaku, Coleman, Barkley (287)
  • Mane, Firmino, Wijnaldum (280)
  • Hazard, Costa, Pedro (279)

Despite Walker following closely behind his English teammate, Kyle has been victim to some surprise rotation of late, and at a premium defensive price of £6.4 mil, now is perhaps not the time to bring him in. Son is always worth a bargain shout but beware of hindered playing time with a returning Harry Kane.

With a leaky Bournemouth making their way to London in Gameweek 33, hopefully you can be more confident having read this that there will be plenty of goals, and on this fine Easter weekend, Alli, Eriksen and Kane (if fit) are all as nailed as Jesus to the cross.

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