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Need some Fantasy Premier League tips for your fantasy football team? Each week our Premier League fantasy experts offer their opinion, strategy and insight on the upcoming Premier League fantasy football gameweek. Fantasy football tips, but not as you know them.

Our mission is provide research, insights and opinion to help make you a better FPL manager.

Here’s a look at what’s in store:

Tips – Each week our FPL experts offer their opinions and insight on the upcoming Fantasy Premier League game week. Fantasy football tips, but not as you know them.
Statistics – Access an exclusive network of FPL statistics that allow fantasy football managers to sort Fantasy Premier League data in a variety of innovative and useful ways.
Resources – The fantasy football manager’s survival kit. Essential info on set-piece takers, yellow cards, fixtures and much more. Don’t get caught in a bind; find it all in here.
Interviews – A vast treasure trove of fantasy football data from previous top performers.

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